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Herbal Medicine: Ampalaya (Momordica charantia)

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:44pm
Research by Neill Abayon

Ampalaya (Bitter Melon) or it's scientific name, Momordica charantia has been a folkloric cure for generations but has now been proven to be an effective herbal medicine for many aliments. Most significant of which is for Diabetes. The Philippine variety has proven to be most potent. Ampalaya contains a mixture of flavanoids and alkaloids make the Pancreas produce more insulin that controls the blood sugar in diabetics. Aside from Ampalaya's medicinal value, it is good source of vitamins A, B and C, iron, folic acid, phosphorous and calcium.

Ampalaya has been for used even by the Chinese for centuries. The effectively of Ampalaya as an herbal medicine has been tried and tested by many research clinics and laboratories worldwide. In the Philippines, the Department of Health has endorsed Ampalaya as an alternative medicine to help alleviate various ailments including diabetes, liver problems and even HIV.

Herbal Benefits of Ampalaya:

• Good for rheumatism and gout

• And diseases of the spleen and liver

• Aids in lowering blood sugar levels

• Helps in lowering blood pressure

• Relives headaches

• Disinfects and heals wounds & burns

• Can be used as a cough & fever remedy

• Treatment of intestinal worms, diarrhea

• Helps prevent some types of cancer

• Enhances immune system to fight infection

• Is an antioxidant, parasiticide, antibacterial & antipyretic

Preparation of Ampalaya:

• For coughs, fever, worms, diarrhea, diabetes, juice the Ampalaya leaves and drink a spoonful every day.

• For other ailments, the fruit and leaves can both be juiced and taken orally.

• For headaches wounds, burns and skin diseases, apply warmed leaves to afflicted area.

Note: In large dozes, pure Ampalaya juice can be a purgative and abortifacient.

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