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Herbal Home Remedies for Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Posted Dec 13 2009 12:00am

Heartburn typically refers to the pain and burning sensation felt in the chest, just below the breastbone. Contrary to its name, the condition has nothing to do with the human heart; instead it is related to the esophagus, which is a long tube-like structure that connects mouth to the stomach. The pain and burning sensation produced by this disease is not limited to the chest only, as it often radiates to other parts like neck, throat and jaw. It is actually a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and is generally accompanied by bloating and an acidic taste in the mouth.

Causes of Heartburn

As mentioned already, the esophagus is a tube-like structure that connects the mouth and stomach. So, the food that we consume reaches the stomach through the esophagus. Once the foods reach the stomach, their backward flow towards esophagus is prevented by a circular muscle structure located at the junction of esophagus and stomach. This is known as lower esophageal sphincter or LES. But occasionally, either due to the weakness of the esophageal muscle, inherent defects in the structure of the sphincter, or build up of excess acid in the stomach, the stomach acids to flow back to the esophagus.

Our stomach has a lining or coating that protects it from the digestive or gastric acids, but such a lining is not present in the esophagus. So whenever acids from the stomach enter the esophagus, they cause inflammation of its lining resulting in this disease. The risk factors for this include consumption of highly acidic foods, caffeine, alcohol, carbonated beverages, etc. Conditions like obesity and pregnancy can put excess pressure on the stomach and thereby affect the functions of the esophageal sphincter. Diseases like scleroderma, sarcoidosis, certain medications like aspirin and ibuprofen and hiatal hernia are some other risk factors or causes of acid reflux and heartburn.

Here are some herbal remedies for acid reflux and heartburn.

1. Artemisia Asiatica - This is a natural herb that can effectively cure your disease and reduce esophagus pain.

2. Oregano - This herb has been used in many medical uses. It has been used since ancient Greeks for healing. Many people believe that it can aid your digestive system.

3. Peppermint - You may already know that peppermint has many benefits for digestive system. Besides, your heartburn will be better because peppermint will help your body to break down the food.

Peppermint by Bobette featuring Mayle

Apart from the above herbs, water can also cure this condition. When you consume a lot of water every day, the PH level in your stomach will be decreased and pain will slowly disappear. In addition, there are also many herbs that you may take a look. For example, these herbs are dried grapefruits, rosemary and turmeric. Before you take any herbs, I strongly recommend you to consult with your doctors first. He or she will be able to tell you that each herb won't harm your body. Also, eat several frequent meals, instead of two or three heavy meals, and avoid eating before bedtime if you are having frequent bouts of heartburn and acid reflux.

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