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Help with Runny Nose & Sneezing

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:01pm
Runny Nose & Sneezing

Runny Nose & Sneezing

I am having problems with a runny noze and a lot of sneezing. My sinuses are not painful and I do not believe this is the problem. Can you please suggest anything for me?

Hi there -
Constant runny nose and sneezing is likely due to environmental allergens.

Check your workplace and home environment for:
- mold
- pollens
- dander
- dust
- pet allergies?

Obtaining a Neti Pot is paramount in relieving constant runny nose and sneezing. The Neti Pot washes out allergens which are lodged in your nasal passage and sinuses. This reduces the allergic response which in turn reduces the runny nose and sneezing.

Air filtration is key as well. Consider a HEPA Air filter which removes dust and allergens from your home or work environment. For living rooms, offices and large bedrooms, I recommend the Alen A350. For offices and bedrooms that are on the small size, the Alen T300 is recommended.

Vitamin C is a natural anti-histamine as it stabilizes cell membranes thereby keeping the histamine from being released. Consider taking 2 grams of Buffered Vitamin C 3x/day during the first two weeks and then reduce to 1 gram of vitamin C 2x/day. If you experience loose stools, reduce the dosage.

Quercetin has extensive research in reducing allergies. Consider taking 2 capsules of Quercetin with or without food AM and PM.

You may also consider taking Bio-Allergy Plus which contains Quercetin and other researched ingredients to reduce allergic rhinitis. Take as directed on the product label.

I highly recommend that you:
- Examine your home for mold. Look in your bathroom and window sills. If your bathroom has no fan, install one and make sure it exhausts to the outside so you don’t get mold in your attic.

- Remove carpets in your home

- Clean air ducts by calling in a professional duct cleaning company.

- Obtain Dust Mite Pillow cover and Dust Mite Mattress cover

- Obtain the Wand Sanitizer. It comes in Travel Size and also normal size. It kills dust mites and allergens immediately from the UV light.

The products suggested above may be found in the Allergic Rhinitis category

Please do let me know if you have further questions. You may find tremendous relief with these simple, yet effective, suggestions.

Do let me know how you do after a week or two following these suggestions.

To help you get better faster, please accept a 10% off voucher on your order by using Voucher Code BEWELL in the shopping cart.

Have a great week and may you have an even better one with your allergies gone ;)

In health,
Dr Ben

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