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HelloMy name is Katarina,Im 26 years old .:Few weeks ago I start feel my eye brown area is swollen and painfull to touch.

Posted by Maria B. Facebook

 When I try to touch the eyebrow with finger I feel something simmilar to vein but it is very hard and painfull.Strange is: it is on both sides......

I start be irritate because I feel the heavynes of eyelid and eyebrow .

I start worry coz I have lymh edema of the leg and I cant imagine i has gotten the same in eye area.

I has the same problem on left side of nose but it calm down and swollen is mostly gone for now but the eyebrow problem  stay.


 I feel pain in eyes even I do not touch it or press on the eyebrow.




It is very hard to say what kind of pain it is but it feels like little cramps in the eye.

Some time I feel irritating preasure and my eyes burning some time.

I have to say I was for long time at antibiotics call roxymstad ( i took them for around 4 months(

Maybe it is side effect=

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