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Hello - my husband has had a swollen throat the past few days, and his tongue is white. He's had a fever 3 times...

Posted by samsonite

... (highest was 102) but we were easily able to get that under control with ibuprofen. If his tonsils are inflamed, they are not white (puss-filled) as many pictures show online. No cold symptoms. He has no food allergies that we know of. He first started feeling unwell Friday evening (sore muscles all over), with swollen neck on one side (we thought ear infection), then this moved to his throat Saturday. We have no health insurance and our local clinic is very expensive. I’m keeping him confined to main bedroom (no sharing of utensils, etc). The swelling prevents him from speaking too well. I also gave him two Benadryl tablets late last night to see if that would help any, if indeed allergy related. I do not believe these helped though.

If antibiotics are used to shorten the period of being contagious, can I just keep taking care of him at home to see if he improves over the next few days? If he has strep or mono, is he in further danger of becoming worse if I keep him at home without antibiotics?

I know the obvious answer is to take him to see a doctor immediately, but we are already so far in debt now, including other medical bills. We can barely afford groceries now.

I’m very worried. Please advise. Thank you!

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