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Posted Nov 28 2008 10:59am
It's been a while I didn't update my health blog. 

Today, I just want to simply talk about health. 

Health comes free. But, it does not last forever. Like it or not, you won't stay healthy forever, if you don't maintain it. Health is something we need to handle with care. But very often, we just ignore it. We take health for granted all the time, until the day we lost it. 

We as modern materialistic human are very strange. Every a few months, we will spend quite some amount of money to service our cars, motocycles, air-conditioners, etc. And we often spend extra for high quality maintainence. But when come to health, we are very very stingy. 

Many of us don't really care about the foods we eat. We grab anything cheap to eat, to fill our stomach, so the stomach won't make noise. We never really care about the nutrients that the foods provide us with. 

Usually, those foods that we can grab easily and cheaply around us, are made of only starch, oil, flavoring and coloring. Essential nutrients are just hardly existed in those foods. Plus, the foods might contain high amount of trans fat, and the sugar levels are just way too high. 

We don't care. We only want to keep moving. We want it fast!

In this way, we actually are losing our health faster (so, be careful with what you wish, hehe)

We may save a lot all these years, but not being choosy in foods. When we found out we lack of certain nutrients in our diet, we don't even bother to take supplements to compensate back. Cause we 'feel' alright. Through that, wow, we actually do save a lot. 

Don't forget those diabetes patients, hypertension patients also 'feel' alright with their body most of the time. 

So, one day, we finally lost our health, developed some chronic diseases like those I mentioned just now. And yes, that will be the time, we will use the money we saved all those years, trying to get back the health. 

But it's too late. Health, once it's gone, it's gone forever. 

You can control the chronic disease, but never again, to get back the quality of life. 

That will be the time, we start to realise, how important to maintain our own body, instead of our cars and houses. 
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