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Health Tips for October 13

Posted Oct 23 2008 2:22pm
Health Tip: Triggers of Bulimia

Bulimia is an eating disorder that causes a person to eat large amounts of food (binge), then vomit (purge) to avoid gaining weight.

While symptoms of bulimia are physical, the disorder is often brought on by emotional problems.

Here are some common triggers of bulimia, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services:

* Societal and cultural pressures to have a thin and perfect body.
* Having relatives who are bulimic or who are overly concerned with body image and weight.
* Traumatic events or stressful changes in life, like a sexual assault, death in the family, divorce or a new job.
* Having low self-esteem, compulsive behaviors or a feeling of hopelessness.
* Hormonal or chemical imbalances.

Health Tip: Symptoms of Depression in Alzheimer's Patients

People with Alzheimer's disease sometimes suffer from depression, often when they begin to understand their loss of memory.

The symptoms of depression may make it even more difficult for Alzheimer's patients to function.

The American Academy of Physicians lists these common warning signs:

* No desire to participate in any activities, or even to move around.
* Talking about feeling worthless or very sad.
* Not eating, and significant weight loss.
* Excessive sleeping, or not sleeping at all.
* Crying or being very emotional.
* Getting very angry or agitated.
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