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Health Tips for May 5

Posted Oct 23 2008 2:22pm
Health Tip: If Your Child Goes to the Hospital

It can be a frightening experience for anyone to go to the hospital, particularly for a young child.

Here are suggestions on how to prepare your child for a hospital stay, courtesy of Children's Hospital Boston:

* Before you go, explain to your child what will happen, what it might be like, and why the child needs to go.
* Use books, pictures and stories to explain the situation to very young children.
* Let your child choose special items from home to take along -- pictures, books, toys or music that may help her feel more comfortable.
* Read books together about going to the hospital.
* While at the hospital or during the procedure (if possible), try to do something together to take her mind off of what's happening. Examples may include singing, counting, listening to music or reading.

Health Tip: Taking Kids on the Road

Packing up the family for a trip can disrupt sleep schedules and diet.

To keep kids happy and healthy on a trip, here are suggestions from the U.S. National Library of Medicine:

* Pack snacks and other foods that your child likes, such as sugar-free cereals, crackers, cheeses or fruits.
* For babies, pack premixed formula or jars of baby food.
* Try to keep your child on a regular schedule for eating and sleeping.
* If flying, give children sugar-free gum to help with pressure in the ears. For babies, a pacifier may help.
* Make sure your child drinks plenty of water, especially on a plane.
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