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Health Tips for June 18

Posted Oct 23 2008 2:23pm
Food Fact:
Carrots: Good as gold.

A 24-carrot solution leaves you rich in vitamin A -- and helps reduce cancer risk. You don't really have to eat 24 to get the benefits: A single carrot more than meets an average person's daily vitamin A needs, with 6mg of beta-carotene. But you can certainly eat more: Carrots are low in fat and high in fiber. Long-term studies have shown carrots to be powerful cancer fighters -- eating five or more carrots a week has been linked with a 60% reduction in risk of lung cancer.

Fitness Tip of the day:
Chocolate on a diet!

Yes, you can find 25-calorie treats! The trick for dieters who get tripped up by feelings of deprivation is learning to indulge in favorites wisely rather than swearing them off entirely. If you love chocolate, a kiss has only 25 calories, compared to 270 in a chocolate bar. For many, such substitutions make them more likely to stick to a healthier eating plan. But everyone is different: If you find that "just a little" leads to a lot, stay away from temptation, at least for awhile.

FAQ of the day:
If I have 4 oz. of raw meat, how much is it when cooked?

Apply these rules of thumb to convert raw quantities of meat to the cooked amount whenever you shop or review restaurant menus:
  • Raw meat with no bone: 4 oz. raw = 3 oz. cooked.
  • Raw meat with bone: 5 oz. raw = 3 oz. cooked.
  • Raw poultry with skin: 4 to 4 1/2 oz. = 3 oz. cooked. The extra 1/4 to 1/2 oz. accounts for the skin (which you should remove before eating to cut out lots of fat).
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