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Health Tip Series | Week 1 of 10 | Shower Stretching

Posted Jul 22 2009 10:46pm

Stiff in the morning? No time to stretch?

Jump in the shower and with the water hot, you become a bit more limber. Use this time to stretch. You’ll be amazed at how fast you will be able to touch your toes. I go from touching my knees only to touching the bathtub floor after 4 repetitions.

Do each stretch with deep breathing. Breathe in as you go into the stretch and out as you do the stretch.

  1. Stretch 1: Stretch your hamstrings. Breathe in, put hands over head, breathe out, lean back as far as you can safely, breathe out as you go down to touch your toes. Repeat 4 times. Breathe!
  2. Stretch 2: Stretch your quads. Brace against the wall with one arm, bend one leg and touch the heel to your bum. Switch legs.
  3. Stretch 3: Stretch your sides and lats. Put hands over head and lean with your back straight, away from your hips. Keep your legs at a good stable distance apart. Also helpful: point one foot in the same direction you are stretching while keeping the other foot in a normal stance position.
  4. Stretch 4: Tilt your head to one side and gently pull it a bit further in the same direction. Do this all in all directions: front, left, right, and angles between. Do not pull on your head in the backward direction.


Obviously, take caution of the potential slipping. You can purchase non-slipping mats at your local bath store.

You will feel much better after this 4 minute routine. Make it part of your daily exercise.

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