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Health Headlines - November 9

Posted Oct 23 2008 2:25pm
Sanofi Diet Drug Gets Raves, Caution from Doctors

At a time when the drug industry is being pounded with recalls and government investigations while turning out few major new drugs, French drugmaker Sanofi-Aventis appears to have a big winner on its hands.

Waist Size Linked to Future Heart Trouble

The best tool for predicting the risk of heart disease may be a tape measure, researchers said on Tuesday.

Study: Special Diets Don't Mean More Weight Loss

Dieters looking for tricks to lose weight got more bad news on Tuesday with the publication of a study showing diets that restrict certain food groups do not take any extra weight off.

Sanofi Wins Govt Contract for Eggs for Flu Shot

The U.S. government on Tuesday awarded Sanofi-Aventis a contract worth up to $41 million through 2008 to maintain a supply of eggs year-round that could be used in flu vaccine production.

Sanofi Diet Drug Impressive in 2-Year Study

An experimental diet drug helped people lose nearly four times as much weight as a placebo in an eagerly anticipated two-year trial, researchers said on Tuesday.

Blood Pressure Drugs Can Slow Heart Disease

Some drugs that drop blood pressure can help prevent heart disease from getting worse in patients with lower blood pressure who would not routinely be given such medicine, researchers reported on Tuesday.

Study Shows More Powerful Heart Drug Helps Blacks

An unusual study enrolling only black Americans showed a more powerful statin drug worked better to lower cholesterol than a rival brand, researchers said on Tuesday.

Breastfeeding Linked to Lower Arthritis Risk

Women who breastfeed are less likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis than women who don't, according to a new report.

Metabolic Syndrome Linked to Dementia in Study

A spectrum of heart-stressing symptoms called metabolic syndrome raises the risk of dementia, researchers said on Tuesday.

US FTC Sues Firms for False Weight-Loss Claims

As part of a renewed effort to curb false weight-loss claims, the Federal Trade Commission said on Tuesday it has sued six companies that sold products ranging from cellulite cream to diet teas and patches.

Diet Drug Helps People Keep Weight Off

An experimental pill that offers the fairy-tale promise of helping people lose weight and quit smoking has gathered even more stardust.

W omen Wrongly Warned Cancer, Abortion Tied

In several states, women considering abortion are given government-issued brochures warning that the procedure could increase their chance of developing breast cancer, despite scientific findings to the contrary.

Blood Test May Tell Risk of Stillbirth

A blood test early in pregnancy might help determine whether a woman runs an increased risk of having a stillborn baby, a preliminary study found.

Airlines Agree to Drinking Water Tests

The government and a dozen airlines struck a deal Tuesday requiring sanitation improvements and increased testing of drinking water aboard aircraft after officials found evidence of harmful bacteria in the water of one in every eight planes tested.

Calif. Cell Research Interests Scientists

A 21st-century gold rush is on in California after the voters approved $3 billion for human embryonic stem cell research.

Officials Eye Drivers With Medical Problems

States must do a better job identifying and removing from roadways drivers with medical conditions like epilepsy and dementia that make them dangerous to other motorists, federal safety officials said Tuesday.

Combo Surgery Combats Cardiovascular Disease

A combination of robotically assisted keyhole bypass surgery and stented angioplasty is safe and appears effective in treating patients with extensive cardiovascular disease, says a Belgian study.

Health Tip: Buy Safe Toys

Before you buy those toy fire engines or dress-up dolls this year, make sure the products are safe for children, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission advises.

Health Tip: Throw a Safe Holiday Party

If you're planning to host a holiday party soon, the National Commission Against Drunk Driving suggests these tips: Encourage your guests ahead of time to designate a driver. Collect guests' keys upon arrival, and make sure they are sober before permitting them to drive home.

Smoking Increases Risk of COPD Death

Past or present smoking increases the risk of death among people with severe early-onset chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a new study says.

Even Placebo Pills Can Help Heart-Failure Patients

Heart-failure patients have a better chance of survival if they're conscientious about taking their pills, even if those pills are placebos, says a Duke University Medical Center study.

Hypertension Drugs Serve Another Role

Giving a hypertension drug to people with heart disease saves lives even if they have normal blood pressure, and a calcium channel blocker drug is more effective than an ACE inhibitor, a new study finds.

Stem Cells Reverse Damage of Heart Attacks

Stem cells can be used to treat heart attacks in pigs, says a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

Eating Peanuts May Stop Peanut Allergy Return

If your child outgrows a peanut allergy, he or she should have foods containing peanuts at least once a month to prevent the allergy from returning, a new study suggests.

Lipitor May Aid Memory in Alzheimer's

A widely used cholesterol-lowering drug improved memory and cognition as well as depressive symptoms in people with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease, according to results of a small study.

Heart Health Tough to Buy With Food Stamps

A small study conducted in a Boston neighborhood highlights the difficulty of affording heart-healthy food when you're a beneficiary of food stamps.
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