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Health Headlines - November 3

Posted Oct 23 2008 2:25pm
Experiment Stretches Flu Vaccine for Healthy

It might be possible to stretch out the scarce U.S. supply of flu vaccine by diluting it and injecting it differently, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.

Many Older Adults Drink Too Much

Between one-quarter and one-half of adults in their 50s and 60s drink more than the recommended amount of alcohol, putting them at risk of problems related to their drinking, according to new research.

Mass Antibiotic Treatment May Wipe Out Trachoma

A single population-wide dose of antibiotic can virtually eliminate the blinding disease trachoma, a study said on Wednesday, although other researchers warned high levels of infection could hinder the drugs' success.

Checking Foot Temperature May Curb Diabetic Sores

Patients with diabetes who are high risk for developing leg and foot ulcers -- and the infection and amputation that can result -- may be able to ward off these complications by monitoring their foot skin temperatures at home, a new study suggests.

One-Sided Brain Stimulation Improves Parkinson's

For people with advanced Parkinson's disease, electrical stimulation through an electrode implanted in one side of the brain produces long-lasting improvements in movement difficulties on both sides of the body, a new study shows.

Reading Lessons May Change Adult Dyslexics' Brains

Remedial reading lessons can not only help adults with dyslexia build their reading skills, but may also spur changes in brain activity associated with the condition, according to a small study.

'Gene Gun' Vaccine Prevents Allergy in Mice

Vaccination with the DNA of substances that trigger allergies, using a "gene gun," can prevent the over-production of the type of antibodies that cause allergic symptoms, experiments in mice show.

Arthritic Joints Stand Up to Intensive Exercise

Long-term high-intensity exercise does not accelerate the progression of joint damage in the hands and feet of people with rheumatoid arthritis, according to a Dutch report.

Teens Exercise Less as They Become Adults

Many teens do not get enough exercise and spend too much time in front of a television or computer screen. Yet, the few who are physically active do not often stay that way as they enter adulthood, according to a team of North Carolina researchers.

Shock Therapy Eases Depression Symptoms

People with major depression experience improved mood, quality of life and daily living activities when treated with electroconvulsive therapy, or so-called shock therapy, a new study finds.
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