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Health Headlines - May 13

Posted Oct 23 2008 2:24pm
New Breast Cancer Scan Shows Promise

Electrical impedance scanning (EIS) is a promising tool for early detection of breast cancer in women younger than 45 years old, a new study has found.

Obesity-Linked Lung Stress May Trigger Asthma

Lung compression may be a key factor linking asthma and obesity, new research shows.

Helping Kids Stay Fit

Interacting with puppets named Miss Grain or Mr. Fat, or pretending to be zoo animals, young children enrolled in a recent study got a true head start on healthy eating and exercise, researchers report.

Many Dutch Doctors Support Euthanasia for Terminally Ill Kids

A child is suffering terribly from incurable cancer, and both he and his parents request a lethal injection of drugs to put an end to his pain.

Virtual Reality Games Help Stroke Survivors

Virtual reality games improved the ability of stroke survivors to walk and also appear to have improved function in the damaged part of the brain, researchers report.

Elder Eye Care Differs by Health Insurance

Older adults at high risk of diabetes-related eye disease are more likely to have undiagnosed and untreated eye problems if they are enrolled in a managed care health plan than if they have fee-for-service (FFS) health insurance, according to a new report.

MMR Vaccine Doesn't Up Risk of Crohn's Disease

The measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine doesn't increase the risk of Crohn's disease, according to a study in this week's issue of the British Medical Journal.

Standard Breast Cancer Therapy Saves Lives

Chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, which have been used for years to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer, have proven to be effective in keeping patients breast cancer-free over 15 years, a new British study finds.

Sealants in Playgrounds May Block Arsenic

Sealants can help reduce the cancer risk from arsenic-treated wood found primarily in playground equipment and backyard decks, government scientists report.

Video Games May Help Stroke Victims

When stroke victims played virtual reality games in which they imagined they were diving with sharks or snowboarding down a narrow slope, their ability to walk eventually improved, researchers reported in a small study.

Study Looks at Diet in Cutting Cholesterol

Eating a low-fat diet packed with vegetables, fruit, beans and whole grains reduces levels of "bad" cholesterol twice as much as eating a low-fat diet that's heavy on processed foods, a small study has found.

Flu Shots May Soon Be Recommended for All

Perhaps within five years, the government is likely to recommend annual flu shots for every American - not just young children, the elderly and other at-risk people, public health advocates predict.

Feds Move Against 'Specialty Hospitals'

The government plans to adjust Medicare payments to remove some financial incentives that have led to a new trend in health care: doctor-owned hospitals that focus on treating more profitable patients.

Food Fact:
Super nova

Eating one meal of salmon a week can spawn a much healthier you. Salmon and other fatty fish like mackerel or bluefish contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are linked to a lower risk of heart attacks. As little as one weekly serving of fish can cut a middle-aged adult's chances of a fatal heart attack by as much as 50%. More good news: Eating fish rich in omega-3s helps reduce diabetes risk, in part by lowering blood triglycerides. Conversely, diets low in omega-3 fatty acids may contribute to insulin resistance, a risk for developing diabetes. Salmon also bolsters your body's ability to process serotonin, which can help relieve a tendency toward depression. Poach it. Grill it. Pan-sear it. Bake it. Just eat it.

Fitness Tip of the day:
Think ahead.

Going to the gym in the a.m.? It pays to pack your gym bag the night before. You'll be less likely to find excuses not to get up and work out if you've got everything ready ahead of time -- and less likely to forget something in haste as you're rushing out the door.

FAQ of the day:
Why is fat so fattening?

Fat has more calories than carbohydrate, in part because it has a different balance of oxygen and carbon atoms; a gram of fat has 9 calories, while a gram of carbohydrates has 4. Also, carbohydrate-rich foods absorb water while fat does not, which makes a big difference in calories. Apple slices, which are mostly carbohydrates and water, have 65 calories per cup. Lard, which is nearly pure fat, contains 1,850 calories in a cup.
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