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Health Headlines - March 25

Posted Oct 23 2008 2:25pm
Abbott Says Withdrawing Attention Deficit Drug

Abbott Laboratories Inc. said Thursday it was halting sales of a 30-year-old attention deficit drug that a consumer group complained was too dangerous to stay on the market.

U.S. Drug Trials Proposal Unethical, Critics Say

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is flouting ethical practice by proposing that international guidelines protecting patients need not apply to clinical trials conducted abroad, critics said on Thursday.

Six Diseases Cause 73 Percent of Child Deaths: WHO

Six mainly preventable diseases account for 73 percent of child deaths each year, the World Health Organization said on Friday.

Group Calls for Safer Asthma Drug Compounds

U.S. regulators need to do more to protect asthma patients from inhaled medicines created by pharmacists from bulk ingredients, a consumer advocacy group said on Thursday.

U.S. Advises Firms on Better Drug Safety Monitoring

U.S. health officials gave drug companies suggestions on Thursday on ways to improve safety evaluations of medicines during early-stage development and after they are on the market.

Depression May Up Risk of Dementia in Men

Men with a history of depression long before the onset of any memory or other cognitive problems have a substantially higher risk of developing dementia, especially Alzheimer's disease (AD), later in life, a study indicates.

Natural Serum Eyedrops Relieve Dry Eyes

Eyedrops made from a person's own serum are superior to artificial tear preparations for relieving signs and symptoms of severe dry eye disease, according to results of a study.

Healthcare Workers Risk Getting Asthma on the Job

Healthcare workers are at risk for occupational asthma, according to new data from four state-based surveillance systems that monitor work-related asthma cases. Latex and disinfectants are the main culprits.

Vietnam Confirms Two More Human Bird Flu Cases

A 17-year-old girl and a 40-year-old woman have been infected by Asia's bird flu in Vietnam -- the hardest-hit country, with 34 deaths so far, 13 since December -- officials said on Friday.

China Shuts Down Blood Dealers to Curb AIDS Spread

China's health ministry has closed 147 illegal blood collection agencies and arrested dozens of people since last May to prevent the spread of the virus that causes AIDS, the Xinhua news agency said.

Doctors Disagree on Schiavo's Awareness

Is there any doubt that Terri Schiavo is in a persistent vegetative state? Yes, argue those fighting to keep her alive, including Gov. Jeb Bush. Doctors have sparred about this before in court, and the most recent ruling upheld the diagnosis.

Two More Ill After Visiting Petting Zoos

Two more children have been stricken with life-threatening kidney infections after visiting petting zoos at fairs, bringing the total hospitalized in central Florida to nine, officials said Thursday.

Ireland Smoking Ban a Success

Prime Minister Bertie Ahern on Thursday lauded Ireland's workplace smoking ban, a year-old in five days, as a world-leading measure that would benefit future generations.

Colorado May Lose Status As Leanest State

For years, Colorado has been ranked the leanest state in the country with a reputation as a magnet for hard bodies who love the outdoors.

Florida Tuberculosis Cases Rise 3 Percent

After years of steady decline, the number of tuberculosis cases in Florida increased by 3 percent last year, state health officials said Thursday. Officials say the increase is being driven largely by new cases in immigrant communities.

Deaths Show Dangers of Household Chemicals

Two jail inmates assigned to a maintenance crew died over the weekend from inhaling toxic fumes after mixing cleaning products, and advocates were left repeating common-sense mantras they say are all too commonly ignored.

U.S. to Offer Reservists Health Insurance

The more than 400,000 National Guard and Reserve members mobilized since September 2001 for the fight against terrorism will be offered the choice of military health care coverage for as long as eight years after they return to civilian life.

Study: Cost Trumps Choice in Health Care

Americans with employer-sponsored health insurance are becoming more willing to accept limits on their choice of providers in order to save on their medical expenses, a new study found.

Gene-Diet Link May Shield Some Men From Prostate Cancer

Men with a common gene variation may be able to reduce their prostate cancer risk simply by altering their diet to include more antioxidants, a new study suggests.

PSA Test Plus Digital Exam Best at Spotting Prostate Cancer

A combination of both the blood PSA test and the digital rectal exam appears to work best for detecting prostate cancer, according to early results from an ongoing study.

Beating Cancer May Not Mean Beating Stress

Even though they've managed to conquer their disease, many cancer survivors still cope with emotional and physical effects that last for years, a new study finds.

Vitamin D Can Help Most Dialysis Patients

Vitamin D injections can greatly improve survival for most kidney failure patients on dialysis, according to a new study.

Human Tests of Avian Flu Vaccine to Begin in U.S.

The first U.S. trial of a vaccine against avian influenza, a potentially devastating viral infection, will begin early next month.

HRT Can Cloud Breast Cancer Screens

Hormone replacement therapy may make it hard to detect breast cancer among postmenopausal women because it can increase breast density, a new study suggests.

Deadly Ebola-like virus spreads to Angolan capital

The Marburg virus, an Ebola-like virus that has killed 98 people in northern Angola, has now spread to the capital Luanda, killing two people there, officials said.

Pneumonia vaccine could slash child mortality in poor countries

A vaccine tested in the West African state of Gambia could save the lives of hundreds of thousands of poor children at risk from the pneumococcal bacterium.

Bird flu claims second victim in Cambodia

A 28-year-old Cambodian has died of bird flu at a hospital in the capital to become the country's second victim of the virus, the health minister said as experts played down the threat of a major outbreak.

New data shows contraceptive pill could reduce risk of breast cancer

Young women who have a family history of breast cancer could substantially reduce their risk of developing the disease by taking the contraceptive pill, according to new research.

Uproar over British report over freedom to choose sex of child

A British parliamentary committee triggered charges that it was playing "Frankenstein" after saying Britons undergoing fertility treatment should have the right to choose their baby's sex.

India gets pat from WHO for war on TB, pledges to step up campaign

Health Minister Anbumani Ramdoss pledged on World TB Day that India would step up its campaign against tuberculosis, as the WHO gave it a pat on the back for the strides it has already taken against the disease.

Myanmar reports no bird flu to FAO

Myanmar authorities told the FAO there were no cases of bird flu in areas where a report said thousands of chickens had suddenly died, the United Nations food agency said.

At least 25 polio cases in Niger last year, official says

At least 25 polio cases were recorded in Niger last year after efforts to eradicate the disease were stymied by obstruction in neighbouring Nigeria.

First bird flu tests in suspected Vietnam commune negative

The first bird flu tests carried out on several inhabitants of a village where residents reported an epidemic were all negative, a doctor in central Vietnam said.
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