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Health Headlines - June 7

Posted Oct 23 2008 2:24pm
Experts Push for Faster Child Cancer Drugs

Nine-year-old Killian Owen was the first child to try an experimental leukemia treatment that was showing promise in adults - but the chance came too late. Yet the youngster left a precious legacy: Scientists are using his preserved cells to help create stronger drugs for other children desperate for new options.

Court Ruling to Affect Cancer Patients

Helping patients control pain and the nausea from cancer chemotherapy have been among the leading uses of medical marijuana. Such patients are likely to be affected by the Supreme Court's decision Monday allowing federal prosecution of sick people who use the drug, regardless of state laws.

Pertussis Booster Favored for Youngsters

Although a whooping cough booster shot for adults could be on the market soon, a new study suggests giving the shots to grown-ups wouldn't be as cost-effective as re-vaccinating only younger patients.

Everyday Apples Pack Antioxidant Punch

America's most common apple also may be its most potent. Just don't skimp on the skin. A Canadian government study that measured the levels of antioxidants in eight varieties of apples found that Red Delicious contain the highest concentrations of the health enhancing chemicals.

Red Tide Hits Martha's Vineyard Shellfish

Officials closed two areas off Martha's Vineyard to shellfishing on Monday as the largest red tide outbreak in decades continued to spread through New England waters.

Dull, low-level jobs linked to heart risk -study

Dull, steady, unexciting jobs may make the heart beat in an unchanging, rapid rhythm -- which in turn could lead to heart disease, British researchers reported on Monday.

Milk may make for heavier kids, study finds

Children are urged to drink plenty of milk but a study published on Monday suggests that the more milk that kids drink, the fatter they grow -- and skim milk is a worse culprit than whole milk.

Gov't moves to spur digital health records

The U.S. government is taking steps to help spawn a nationwide network of electronic medical records that are easily accessible but protect patient privacy, Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt said on Monday.

Keeping Urinary Incontinence Under Control

A few simple lifestyle changes may help the more than 13 million Americans with urinary incontinence regain control of their daily lives, one expert says.

Health Tip: When You Have Gallstones

Symptoms of gallstones are often called an "attack" because they occur suddenly. A typical attack can cause a steady pain in the upper abdomen that increases rapidly and lasts from 30 minutes to several hours; pain in the back between the shoulder blades; pain under the right shoulder; and/or nausea or vomiting.

Growth Hormone Suppression May Inhibit Cancer

Suppressing growth hormone and a related blood-borne compound in early adulthood could lower the likelihood of several kinds of cancer in people at high risk for the disease, researchers report.

Sleepy Teens May Not Make the Grade

If your high schooler isn't pulling down the grades you'd like, maybe you should blame it on sleep deprivation, and not on a lack of effort.

Violent Deaths Plague Juvenile Offenders

A new study has revealed a grim fact of life: Children who spend time in juvenile hall are four times as likely as other kids to die violently before they reach their late 20s.

Air Bags Pose Risks to Kids as Old as 14

For years, the U.S. government has warned that children aged 12 and younger can be injured or killed by the force of a motor vehicle's passenger side air bag.

Food Fact:
A cup of health.

For a rich load of antioxidants, pour yourself a daily cup of tea. All tea (green, oolong or black) contains compounds called catechins, which may help protect you against heart disease, stroke and cancer. Of the three varieties, green tea has the most catechins. Tea also has antibacterial qualities that may help prevent cavities and gum disease.

Fitness Tip of the day:
Keep it clean.

Could your water bottle be making you sick? The gym is a great place to get fit; it is also a great place to pick up unwanted germs. If you use a water bottle during your workouts, clean it with mild detergent and water after each use. Also, be sure to wash your hands as often as possible or wear gloves when exercising.

FAQ of the day:
How many calories do I need?

The average, moderately active person needs about 15 calories per pound to maintain weight. For instance, at 150 lbs., you need about 2,250 calories a day to stay at that weight. However, this is just a rough estimate; your true caloric needs are more closely linked to the amount of fat and lean tissue you carry. A well-muscled 150-lb. wrestler burns more calories than a 150-lb. couch potato, even on days when he decides to kick back and grapple with the remote control.
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