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Health Headlines - June 11

Posted Oct 23 2008 2:24pm
Pill controls diabetes without side effects-study

An experimental diabetes drug can control blood sugar without causing weight gain or swelling, according to a small mid-stage clinical trial presented on Friday.

Health Tip: Teeth Chattering at the Dentist?

If you're among the millions of people who get nervous when going to the dentist, here are some tips on how you can overcome dental anxiety.

The American Dental Association recommends that you share your anxiety with your dentist and the staff. Knowing about your feelings will help the dentist adapt treatment to your needs.

Another way to reduce anxiety is to schedule your dental visit when you're less likely to be rushed or under pressure. For example, book an appointment for early in the morning or on a Saturday.

Bring along a portable audio player and headset. Listening to your favorite music can help soothe you, as well as drown out the sound of the dental drill. You might also try visualizing yourself in a pleasant setting, such as relaxing on a warm beach.

Health Tip: Avoiding Bladder Infection

Bladder infections occur when bacteria get into the bladder.

This can happen by the way you wipe after going to the bathroom, or through sex. Bladder infections can also be caused by a blockage of urine flow, which may occur in men with an enlarged prostate, or in pregnant women.

The University of Michigan Health System offers the some tips on preventing bladder infection. You should urinate often during the day and also urinate after you have sex. If you're a man, always wash your penis when you bathe.

If you're a woman:

* Keep the area around your vagina clean.
* Wipe from front to back after you go to the bathroom.
* Wash the area when you bathe or shower.
* Wear cotton underwear.
* Use pantyhose with cotton crotches.
* Avoid tight clothing. Wear loose pants.
* Don't wear a wet bathing suit for a long time.

Love Is the Drug...

In love songs, passion lifts you up or cuts you like a knife, wreaking havoc with your emotions as it tosses logic out the window.

Immune System Offers New Alzheimer's Target

An immune system defect may encourage the accumulation of amyloid-beta waste products in the brains of some Alzheimer's patients, according to a new study.

Depression Often Untreated in Heart Patients

In a sign that some cardiologists might be missing the big picture, new research suggests that only a third of heart disease patients with serious symptoms of depression and anxiety get needed treatment.

Infrequent Seizures May Not Need Swift Drug Treatment

Delaying treatment with anti-epileptic drugs may be the best option for people who suffer infrequent seizures, a new British study suggests.

Folk Remedy, Food Spice May Fight Cancer

Cancer researchers have been given a million-dollar grant to investigate the therapeutic value of the folk medicine propolis and the food spice turmeric.

Peanut Allergy Testing, Without the Nuts

Taking the peanut out of peanut-allergy testing, a British team has found that screening kids using just skin pricks and blood samples is accurate and safe; cutting the need for potentially dangerous food-sample tests.

Patient Education Won't Alter Diabetes Outcomes

Simply educating diabetics about their condition doesn't seem to improve their blood sugar control or reduce their likelihood for risk factors such as obesity, researchers report.

Radiologists' Mammogram Accuracy Varies Widely

Researchers have found a wide gap in breast cancer detection between doctors who read a lot of mammograms annually and those who do not.

Nausea Drug Fails Against Cirrhosis-Linked Fatigue

Even though it's often used to fight chemotherapy-linked nausea, the drug ondansetron has proven ineffective at treating fatigue in people with cirrhosis of the liver, according to a new report.

Adult Whooping Cough Vaccine Approved

The first adult booster shot for whooping cough has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the agency said Friday.

Food Fact:
Carrots: Good as gold.

A 24-carrot solution leaves you rich in vitamin A -- and helps reduce cancer risk. You don't really have to eat 24 to get the benefits: A single carrot more than meets an average person's daily vitamin A needs, with 6mg of beta-carotene. But you can certainly eat more: Carrots are low in fat and high in fiber. Long-term studies have shown carrots to be powerful cancer fighters -- eating five or more carrots a week has been linked with a 60% reduction in risk of lung cancer.

Fitness Tip of the day:
Make exercise fun.

Revving up your workout routine can be as easy as making a list. When beginning a new exercise program, jot down your favorite everyday activities, and incorporate them into your fitness plan. If you enjoy walking with your dog, schedule longer walks along with more traditional forms of exercise such as weight training, flexibility training and cardiovascular programming.

FAQ of the day:
Is yellow or white corn more nutritious?

Yellow corn gets the nutritional nod over white corn because it contains more lutein, a yellow carotenoid pigment that's good for your eyes.
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