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Health Headlines - February 26

Posted Oct 23 2008 2:25pm
New Virus May Have Come from Monkeys, Experts Say

Two new retroviruses never before seen in humans have turned up among people who regularly hunt monkeys in Cameroon, researchers reported on Friday.

New Therapies May Expand AIDS Arsenal

Several new drugs work well in HIV patients who are beginning to run out of options because their virus has mutated into drug-resistant forms, researchers reported on Friday.

Medtronic Voluntarily Recalls Defibrillators

Medtronic Inc. on Friday said it was voluntarily recalling around 1,900 automated external heart defibrillators used by paramedics and firemen.

Life-Prolonging AIDS Cocktails Show Real Value

Drug cocktails that can prolong the lives of people infected with the AIDS virus are beginning to show their value but only about half of U.S. adults who should be receiving them are actually getting them, scientists reported on Friday.

Smoking Ups Impotence Risk in Younger Men

Adding to evidence that smoking is bad for a man's sex life, new study findings show that smoking may raise the risk of impotence, particularly in younger men.

Eating Breakfast May Do a Heart Good

Mom may have been right when she said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A small study suggests that skipping that morning meal may be a bad move for the heart, and possibly the waistline.

Asian Countries Appeal for Bird Flu Help

Asian countries battling a bird flu virus that threatens to create a human pandemic that could kill millions need urgent help from the wealthy West if they are to succeed, a 28-nation conference said on Friday.

No Evidence Flu Jabs Work for Under-2s

There is no evidence that vaccinating children under 2 years old against influenza reduces deaths or complications from the illness, researchers said on Friday.

Ethiopia Records Polio Case as Virus Spreads

A two-year-old girl has contracted polio in Ethiopia in another sign that the epidemic is spreading across Africa, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday.

Anti-Smoking Message Saves Heart Patients' Lives

Counseling people who have survived a heart attack about quitting smoking before they have even checked out of the hospital appears to reduce their risk of dying up to one year after the attack, new research reports.

HIV Infection Rate Among Blacks Doubles

The HIV infection rate has doubled among blacks in the United States over a decade while holding steady among whites — stark evidence of a widening racial gap in the epidemic, government scientists said Friday.

Panelists in FDA Drug Vote Tied to Makers

Ten members of the Food and Drug Administration advisory panel who voted that a group of powerful pain killers should continue to be sold had ties to the drug makers, an advocacy group says.

Kan. AG Seeks Late-Term Abortion Records

The Kansas attorney general, a staunch opponent of abortion, has demanded the medical records of nearly 90 woman and girls who had late-term abortions, saying he needs the material to investigate crimes.

You're Never Too Old to Exercise

One of the best ways to ward off health problems as you age is the same as when you're young, health experts say -- exercise.

Ovary Syndrome Ups Risk for Liver Disease

Women with a hormone-linked condition called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may also be at increased risk for liver disease, a new study finds.

Non-Surgical Treatment Offers Hope for Liver Cancer

A new, minimally invasive technology that 'cooks' tumors using a tiny needle may be an effective first-line treatment for people with early-stage liver cancer who don't quality for surgery.

Hundreds of millions of dollars needed to fight bird flu: experts

Bird flu has cost 10 billion dollars in agricultural losses and the world needs to spend hundreds of millions of dollars more to combat it, health experts said at a conference.

Hungarian authorities discover shipment of poisonous green peppers

Hungarian authorities have discovered "dangerous levels" of pesticide in a shipment of green peppers imported from Morocco, health officials said.
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