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Health Headlines - February 15

Posted Oct 23 2008 2:25pm
Scientists Examine Possible New HIV Strain in NY

Scientists said on Monday they were studying a potentially new virulent strain of the AIDS virus taken from a New York man to see if it posed any public danger.

Lawsuits Spread in Over Penis Enlargement Claims

A New Jersey man has filed a false advertising lawsuit against a maker of herbal penis enlargement pills, alleging the medicine does not fulfill its promises, the plaintiff's lawyer said on Monday.

Wine Puts Women's Hearts on Song -Study

It's official. A glass of wine a day keeps heart risk at bay -- at least for women.

Low Cholesterol May Mean Poorer Mental Powers

We hear plenty about the dangers of high cholesterol levels, but low levels apparently confer their own risks. Naturally low cholesterol levels are associated with poorer performance on a variety of cognitive measures, according to a new study.

New Pain Relievers Boost Blood Pressure More - Study

Arthritis drugs known as COX-2 inhibitors raise blood pressure more than older pain relievers, which may explain why the newer medicines have been linked to heart attacks, Australian researchers reported on Monday.

Flu Shots May Not Save Lives - U.S. Study

The flu vaccinations that doctors hoped would save the lives of fragile elderly people have apparently failed to lower death rates, U.S. researchers said on Monday.

New Organs Could Come from Pig Embryos - Study

Pig embryos could provide sources of new organ and tissue transplants for people, and they may pose fewer risks than using material from adult animals, Israeli researchers reported on Monday.

Arthritis Drug Seen to Cut Heart Risk

Methotrexate, used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis, may also reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and circulatory diseases affecting the heart and brain, investigators have found.

Potato Vaccine Offers Hope Against Hepatitis

A hepatitis vaccine grown in genetically engineered potatoes seemed to protect most people who ate them, researchers reported on Monday.

Teen Binge Drinking Can Do Long-Term Brain Damage

Mounting evidence shows that the still-maturing teenage brain is particularly susceptible to damage from heavy drinking, according to a report published Monday.

Study Links Painkillers to Heart Risk

A new study has linked painkillers Vioxx, Celebrex and Bextra to increased cardiovascular risk, reinforcing findings of other trials that have already sparked concern over the safety of a popular category of drugs.

Painkiller Use Falls After Vioxx Withdrawn

For years, Americans have been popping painkillers like they were candy to treat everything from headaches to arthritis. But new data show America's love affair with the medications may have cooled off after the blockbuster drug Vioxx was pulled.

Older Adults' Memories Stress the Positive

As years go by, adult choices and memories about those choices are increasingly filtered through rose-colored glasses that accentuate the positive while downplaying the negative, researchers conclude.

I Love You, You're Just Like Me

It's highly likely that most couples are birds of a feather and that's why they decide to nest together, according to a University of Iowa study that puts the boot to that old saying that opposites attract.

Reprogrammed HIV Can Hunt Down Cancer Cells

A harmless version of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is being used to hunt down malignant melanoma cancer cells in mice, researchers say.

Genetically Modified Potato Carries Hep B Vaccine

Researchers have found a way to grow potatoes that carry a vaccine for hepatitis B, providing doctors in the developing world with an easily produced, non-refrigerated means of supplying protection against the virus.

Gene Therapy Restores Hearing to Deaf Guinea Pigs

For the first time, researchers have used gene therapy to grow new auditory hair cells that enabled deaf animals to hear.

Compound Fights Gleevec-Resistant Leukemia

The drug Gleevec has proven a lifesaver for people with a blood cancer called chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). However, a growing number of CML patients have cancers resistant to the medication.

Health Tip: Adult ADD

(HealthDay News) -- Many adults have been living with adult attention-deficit disorder (ADD), and don't recognize it. Why? Because its symptoms are often mistaken for a stressful lifestyle.

Older Doctors Not Always the Best

The older, more experienced physician may not necessarily be the better one, a new study suggests.

British opposition party suggests immigrant HIV test plan

Britain's main opposition party is stoking a heated debate on immigration ahead of the expected May general election, by promising to test people seeking to live in the country for HIV and other diseases.

Disease looms as up to 450 die in Pakistan floods and snow

Disease threatened flood survivors in Pakistan's southwest as officials said the death toll from freak rains and snow across the country was as high as 450.

Dengue deaths rise to 122 in Indonesia

Another 20 people in Indonesia have died from dengue fever, bringing the death toll this year to 122 and sparking fears of a widespread outbreak.

Vietnam reports no new bird flu cases but complacency is dangerous

No new cases of deadly bird flu were reported in Vietnam over last week's New Year festivities but both the country and the international community should avoid complacency, the World Health Organisation said.

Stress at work can give women diabetes

Women who experience stress and a lack of control over their situation at work risk developing diabetes, a Swedish researcher conducting a study on the issue said.
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