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Health Care Consumerism

Posted Nov 25 2009 10:02pm

I have said many times that encouraging patients to be more responsible for their health and health care is about the only way we are going to find any version of sustainability for our public health care system....if we'd only let them.

Overall, giving patients access to their records isn't easy currently and there are many groups vying for a foothold in this area. We've talked about them here under various headings but mHealth deserves to be brandished and waved about because it is a relatively inexpensive way to bring about a cultural shift so badly needed. Government does not need to be the payer for this.

Empowering patients to take more control of their chronic disease such as diabetes or hypertension or renal disease is a complicated task but it doesn't require spending billions of dollars on eHealth strategies that are entrenched for the benefit of many who are not patients at all.

How do we steer away from  enormously expensive eHealth programs?

Some say we should just keep shovelling. I say it is time for a remake,... a redo...a major revision to our thinking and a change in focus toward mHealth.

Some say mHealth can't exist without a robust eHealth system and I disagree.

mHealth can exist on its own and as the disruptive technology of  smartphones evolves, hopefully  the short-sighted mantra of  "spend, spend, spend" at eHealth will fade. What is the likelihood?

EHealth will not save money in my opinion and there is growing evidence that it won't.

MHealth on the other hand has enormous potential to get patients off their government dependence and provide improvement to outcomes.

I have taken the liberty of attaching an article by Christina Spencer at Sun Media on a report regarding private options that seem to be favorable to many people.

Kudos to Christina for bringing light to this.

Just in case you are feeling bombarded by my mHealth messaging, I promise to write about something different next journal entry.  To be honest... it probably won't matter since we usually come back to recurring themes. That's means we are "distilling" and the common themes that emerge are the issues that do need attention.

Thanks again for reading. Do try my twitter link as well as checking out some of my twitter brethren...Dr. Barry Dworkin's site is a "must-view".







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