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Health Advisors reject FDA's claim that mercury is safe (UPDATED)

Posted Sep 14 2008 5:28pm

(Posted by Patrick Sullivan Jr.)

As far as I can tell, this is good news:

FDA at odds over safety of mercury fillings
Health advisers reject federal report, say more study is needed

Updated: 4:55 p.m. MT Sept 7, 2006

WASHINGTON - Government health advisers rejected a federal report that concluded dental fillings used by millions of patients are safe, saying further study of the mercury-laden amalgam is needed.

A joint panel of Food and Drug Administration advisers did not declare the so-called “silver fillings” unsafe. But in a 13-7 vote Thursday, the advisers said the federal report didn’t objectively and clearly present the current state of knowledge about the fillings.

In a second 13-7 vote, the panelists said the report’s conclusions about safety weren’t reasonable, given the quantity and quality of information currently available.

This news even made Brian Williams' Nightly News cast, which is fantastic! I'm ecstatic any time mercury amalgams (aka. "silver fillings") are mentioned on the news. Sends people to google!

Considering we were all probably secretly setting ourselves up for another major disappointment in the war against mercury amalgams, I think this news from the 2 day FDA conference really might be a sign real progress, slow though it may be. I'm sure I'll be getting an email update from Charlie Brown, National Counsel of Consumers for Dental Choice very soon.

UPDATE: Pat is out in Florida today at the IAOMT meeting representing the Jigsaw Health Foundation. He's been talking with the "celebrities" from our side of the mercury controversy -- Boyd Haley, Bernie Wyndham, Freya Koss, Bob Reeves, Russell Blaylock, etc -- and every single person there is ecstatic and shocked at what has happened at these meetings. As previously reported, everyone had the feeling that the fix was in. Sure I'll be hearing from Charlie soon as well.

Finally, a crack in the damn.

Mercury Amalgam Label

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