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Headed to the Walk-In clinic

Posted Jan 05 2010 12:19pm
I got a call this morning from Peanut's teacher, and I could hardly hear her over someone screaming. Peanut had a small seizure, but then started screaming and had been inconsolable for almost 45 minutes. I went to get her and she wasn't screaming anymore, but she surely wasn't happy. Putting her in the car, securing her wheelchair on the lift, she was crying again.

We just switched pediatricians. I am SO nervous about this, and I wanted to meet her and introduce her to my Peanut when things were status quo. Not when something was wrong. She doesn't have any openings today, but their walk-in opens at 1:00. I just printed her medical sheet - meds, allergies, specialists, important hospital/er/etc dates. I'm nervous about taking her somewhere new and trying to explain her to someone quickly.

I'm sure nothing serious is wrong. Right now she's sitting in the living room watching LazyTown. Not crying, but not laughing at the show that always makes her belly laugh. She's been having poop problems, so I'm going to see if they'll do an xray of her belly. Also check her ears and throat, and do a urine dip. I'm sure it's something simple, but it does suck when your kid can't tell you what's bothering them!
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