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have you ever heard of 2nd & 3rd degree burns from iontophoresis and moist heat during pt?

Posted by vallenbaer

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Old term for partial thickness burn (2nd degree) and full thickness burn (3rd degree).  If a burn blisters, is red and down to the dermis it is partial thickness... if it goes down to the sub fascia, muscle and even bone it is a 3rd degree.


J P Saleeby, MD

I currently have a 2nd degree burn from iontophoresis. I'm a nurse with a recent frozen shoulder manipulation and torn rotator cuff.  We were not using moist heat at the time.

When the therapist put the pads on me, hooked up the machine and turned the device on, I literally jumped as it felt like someone touched bare live-wires on my arm where the pads were located.  We decided to try advancing it slowly - but wiith every click up on the stregth of the Iontophoresis treatment, I felt like an electric fence was touching the areas that the pads were placed.  I had to wait about 30 seconds between clicks and it would 'calm down' enough to tolerate, and then we'd advance it more.  I was able to get to 2.2 and had to stop increasing power because of the surge of electricity I felt. I felt a constant current and an occasional "pop" going thru the area. Near the end of the treatment, there was a snap/pop, my arm involuntarily jerked and I recieved a painful shock.  The machine began beeping that an electrode was off, however both were securly on.  We tried another machine, and had the same experience.  I am left with 2nd degree burns on my arm - the worst one is where the negative wire was placed.

Now, all that being said, over my lifetime, I've seemed to have been a natural conductor for lightening.  I have always sworn that I am packed full of protons.  Lightening struck a car I was in, it hit a house I was in, it hit the ground near where I was standing and threw a family member across the yard, but here's the most amazing one..  when standing on top of the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains, my hair began to stick straight up and my body began to create a buzzing sound (no - I am NOT crazy - it was the most amazing moment of my life)... I felt like I was going to explode...  I quickly exited the mountain top.  I've researched it, and a buzzing item on the ground usually preceeds a lightening strike because of the unnatural proton build-up...  Call me crazy, but I think the positive charge in my body caused me to 'reject' the iontophoresis machine. 

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