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Have an Individual insurance policy? Be glad you don't live in Washington

Posted Dec 10 2008 12:00am

If you have an individual health insurance policy, be glad you don't live in Washington state! Nearly 300,000 people in this state have such policies. But, last year 7,000 "flunked" the test because they had too many health care problems. Washington is the only state that has such a screening test.  Read about it in the Seattle Times.

And this year, insurers are uping their individual policies by as much as 20%. And guess who has no recourse or clout to bargain. These 270,000 people who only have individual policies.

And, in the walking-their-talk category, check out what the candidates are doing for their health insurance and their campaign staffs' insurance in an NPR story by Julie Rovner.

Guiliani and Edwards should be glad they don't live here in Washington, given their experiences with cancer. They would probably flunk the test. McCain would as well, but at least he has options--VA, Medicare and his wife's policy.

If there is one case that could be made about why we need change, the individual policy market in Washington state would be that case.

Cheers and more later. Kathleen

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