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Has my provider done enough to accurately diagnose my injury and does his diagnoses make sense?

Posted by bwest312

I am a 51 yr. old male and was just diagnosed with a  Plantaris Tendon Rupture.  I have read it is rare for this to happen without there being injury to the calf muscles or Achilles Tendon.  The PA who examined me did not do an MRI.  Only xrays, which I read could only rule out damage to the bones.  He had me lay face down on a table and raise my injured lower leg and relax my foot.  He then began squeezing my calf down to my foot and ankle.  I only felt pain on the inside of the calf and foot around the ankle area.  I can stand on my toes, although with some pain and have to walk on the heel and ball right now.  The injury occurred two weeks ago playing softball and I still have swelling.  There is also a lot of bruising/blood mostly on the inside of the foot below the ankle.  He conluded this to be a PTR.  Does this sound correct, or should an MRI be done?  The PA said he is 90% sure it is a PTR because I only have pain on the inside of my lower leg and ankle area.  He said if there was damage to either of the two calf muscles, or achilles tendon, I would have pain on the outside as well and would not be able to stand on my toes.
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That doesn't sound right to me.  You should insist that he authorize an MRI. 
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