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Hair Loss with Uterine Cancer

Posted Oct 28 2009 11:01pm
Hair Loss with Uterine Cancer<br />
Hair Loss with Uterine Cancer

I have been taking Femara for uterine cancer for 3 yrs and 9 months and would like to get off. I have lost an enormous amount of hair from taking the femara. My thyroid levels are normal. Anyways, I was wondering if taking myomin caused the same effect of hair loss like femara does.

I understand that Femara increases the male testesterone and that is what causes it? Will I get my hair back when I get off femara? Thanks for a reply. I understand that it is not a charge to ask these questions? Thanks…..Kay

Kay -

You are likely correct that the increased testosterone is what is causing the hair loss.

Once you stop taking Femara, you may likely get your hair returning back to normal.

However, you need to speak with the physician who prescribed Femara. State that you would like an alternative as you are concerned with your hair loss.

I highly recommend that you discuss this not only with your prescribing physician, but with a naturopathic physician as well.

Visit to locate a ND near your home or work.

A naturopathic physician is useful as they can work with you and your prescribing physician. The ND can provide lifestyle and nutritional recommendations to reduce your risk of return of cancer and improve your hair growth.

Myomin is helpful in reducing the amount of circulating estrogen. Myomin does not cause hair loss as it is likely not nearly as potent as Femara.
Myomin may work on a different biochemical pathway than Femara.

Please read how Myomin functions here

Some additional tips which you may find useful:
There is a lot more to reducing cancer risk than just taking Femara.

Numerous things cause elevated levels of estrogen. And it is not only about reducing all estrogens. There are three fractions of estrogen and only one is harmful. The other two are beneficial. Thus, you likely need a laboratory test to determine your estrogen fractionation.

Also, eating and drinking out of plastic is harmful and increases risk of estrogen type cancers. Why? Plastic contains chemicals which are estrogen-mimics.

Naintaining proper weight is important as adipose tissue creates estrogen.

Also increasing liver support reduces the level of circulating estrogens thereby naturally reducing your risk of estrogen based cancers.

Taking 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3 each day has been researched to reduce breast and colon cancer by 50%.

Do let me know how you are doing once you find a ND to work with and discuss this with your prescribing physician.

There is no charge for this information.

Please do refer your friends and family to and consider locating effective health products for yourself here as well.

We provide only physician-grade health products and provide exceptional educational information at no cost.

Should you have further questions, please do ask.

In health,

Dr Ben

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