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Guest writer!

Posted Jan 07 2009 5:14pm
I have a guest writer doing my post for today. This is from one of my colleagues who works for an outer county who we deal with a fair amount. Thought you might enjoy hearing from someone other than me for a change!! So here it is:

When dealing with calls we have to be calm at all times especially on the difficult calls, but the next call my colleague was about to receive was especially difficult for all involved. We had started the shift like any other, grabbing a drink, chatting with each other, and wishing we were all anywhere but at work on a sunny day like today. Everything was as it normally was until a colleague started to look a bit worried whilst taking a call. It takes a lot for them to get worried as well. The call came through on the system as a 1 day old baby with breathing difficulties, the call handler carried on with the questions to get as clearer picture as possible, when everything completely changed as my colleague shouted “The Address… Is a possible arrest”. The call handler was having trouble getting through to the caller after this moment, the caller was too panicked to take in the instructions that were being passed on, the control room was all paying attention to this call, the call ended and my colleague said the paramedics on scene. Luckily the single responder was just around the corner from the address and it took them next to no time to arrive on scene, but just as quickly as the PRU and the crew had arrived on scene they booked mobile on the way to hospital, this had turned out to be a scoop and run job. The hospital had been pre-alerted about this job even before the crews had left scene and it was passed as 1 day old baby, flat toned as well as a lot more information, after this it was just a waiting game to see what the outcome would be. My colleague was especially eager to find out the outcome of this job, continually asking if they had done everything right and should they have done anything different, but for calls like this you do what you can to help everyone involved and follow protocols.

News was passed on to the call handler not long after the crew had cleared from the hospital…………………………………. The baby was alive and kicking, everyone was so glad to hear these words especially the call taker. This is the sort of call that nobody will forget easily.
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