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Grapes – the ultimate natural rejuvenator

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:34pm 1 Comment

What could be more ‘diet friendly’ than consuming the water? Grapes are about 80% of the water and that makes them a great low-calorie snacks or in a better way, a natural dessert! Unfortunately there is no any idiom favoring grapes as we have for the apple! In a race of having healthy fruits, these little ones are often ignored when you see big apples in front of you. Let us make it very clear today so that grapes get their value back into your mind. No wonder if you are not eating grapes, you are missing many things.

You might get astonished knowing that the whole cupful of Concord or Catawba grapes contain just 60 calories. That is much lesser than a piece of your favorite cheese loaded pizza. Grapes, as compared to other fruits, are very essential in restoring the health. Grapes are considered to be one of the most natural rejuvenators that can refine your body internally. There are many evidences we get from oldest scriptures related to healthcare that the people used to be only on grapes for months together in order to treat various health ailments. Today, a ‘grapefruit diet’ is advised by many healthcare providers and naturopaths.

Let us quickly look at what all grapes can do for us. Grapes simply mean ‘detoxification’. Grapes can cleanse the entire bodily systems and can also encourage weight loss. They are proven to be reducing the risks of coronary heart disease and other cancerous diseases. Grapes are rich sources of some Vitamins especially Vitamin A, B, B6 and folate. Grapes also contain a compound known as ‘pterostibene’. This substance carries the properties that can markedly reduce the high cholesterol levels and triglycerides, two of the main culprits giving raise to heart diseases.

Grapes are also gifted with some essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, selenium and magnesium. They all help boosting energy in the body and develop high immunity to withstand against various infections. Some of the researchers agree that grapes also contain copper, manganese and zinc.

In grapes, you can find abandon source of fiber and proteins. Fibers or roughage are known for their ‘fat binding’ capacity i.e. within the intestines, they can bind the fats with them and then expel them out with feces. In this way, they help absorption of the fats so used in weight loss treatment. Proteins build the body and provide physical strength. It is therefore, grapes can help reducing body weight while building the muscle mass. When the diet is restricted as a part of obesity treatment, it is very important to maintain the daily supplements that are very much required by the body. Here, grapes can play significant role since they provide less calories but high nutrition and probably that is why, grapes are considered as one of the best foods to lose weight without any side or harmful effects.

The grape seeds carry more medicinal properties than that of what grapes carry. Grape seeds are powerful antioxidant. This is because they contain something called ‘proanthocyanidins’ or ‘procyanidolic oligomers. Grape seeds can delay gaining naturally and help fighting the diseases. Amazingly, some of the grape seeds’ extracts are considered to have 50 times more value of natural Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Grape seeds are also known to have antiviral and anti-carcinogenic actions that can improve the blood circulation within the body. Grape skins are nutritious too and they are also said to be having anti-carcinogenic effects on the human body. This is because grape skin contains essential substance known as ‘resveratrol’. Researchers report that resveratrol can target the cancerous cells and destroy them.

Overall, grapes are rich in nutrients and they can be very beneficial in restoring the body metabolism. Grapes can restore the hormonal levels in the body and can stimulate the bodily organs to produce good quality enzymes that help digesting foods. Grapes are known blood purifiers and hence, ‘grape diet’ therapy is very good to flush out toxins from the bloodstream. However, a person with high glucose levels (diabetes) should consult a doctor first before adopting grapes as main food.

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Wednesday, January 16th, 2008 at 6:35 pm
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Very thought out. I love it! Also grapes maintain your pre-mature fat cells meaning that your fat cells (good or bad) never turn mature. -Amber Lonsinger
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