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Got worms?

Posted Nov 23 2012 2:18pm
The cure to virtually all internal parasites is simple, safe and effective - simply ingest food-grade DE/Garlic - The Center for Disease Control lists worm parasites as #1 human health risk. There have been numerous studies that show that nearly 85% of Americans have parasites in their bodies. The parasites may be found in uncooked foods, contaminated soil, vegetables, meat, feces, or the worm eggs may be in the wind. And while food-grade DE is highly deadly for insects and arachnids, it doesn’t do a bit of harm to us. Instead, DE can actually be beneficial both as a nutrient and as a way of ridding our bodies of internal parasites. The only way food-grade DE could ever harm humans or animals is if we breath in a great deal of it. So be careful not to breathe in too much of DE, and you should be fine. Some of the common worm types are Roundworms - also called Protozoa, flukes - may cause trichinosis leading to muscle damage and complications of the cardio and neuro systems. Hookworms - contagious intestinal parasites with the shape of an earthworm but of smaller size - may cause the soles of the feet to itch, and possibly bloody spit from the mouth, fever, rash, and loss of appetite. Pinworms - appear as short white threads of 1/3 inch length or shorter and are the most prevalent worm problem for young children - may cause sever anal itching, insomnia and restlessness. These worms tend to migrate out through the anus at night to lay eggs. Tapeworms - are from one inch to thirty feet in length and may live in the body for up to 25 years -may cause weight loss, abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. Threadworms - may cause coughing, abdominal pain, diarrhea, gas, and itchy red abrasions on the anus. "In her book “The Cure for All Cancers”, Dr. Hulda Clark implicates parasites as the root cause for most of the diseases inflicting the human species. As long as they remain in the intestines our immune system can deal with them. When they are allowed to escape the intestines they settle in the most vulnerable parts of our body. Dr. Clark states that cancer can be cured, not just treated and after years of study, she discovered that many cancer patients have a certain parasite in their bodies. She experienced clinical studies that after removing this parasite, the cancer stopped immediately, and the tissue returned to normal again." DE has been used for many years to deworm pets and has been used more recently in humans. With the ingestion of Sushi and other raw types of seafood, or with eating undercooked meats or contaminated food products, there are more instances than ever before of worms in humans. Most people do not realize the amount of parasites that exist in their body but this website should help you understand that we are loaded with them. Diatomaceous earth is safe for humans and their intestines. Please read:
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