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Goodbye my friend

Posted Nov 11 2011 12:00am
Hey everyone. As some of you know, my friend,  the lovely Rachael Wakefield passed away just two weeks ago.  This girl was just seriously amazing and she has touched so many people in the transplant world and beyond with her zest for life and facing the most character crumbling obstacles throughout her journey.  Even doctors had no idea how she defied the odds and kept bouncing back.  Rachael eventually had her lung transplant after a hefty fight but sadly the new lungs failed and she spent a long time in hospital with a multitude of meds to keep her alive.  Very rare occasions she was allowed home and had some good times but often was in hospital.  Rachy had a form of ILD (Interstitial Lung Disease) left undetected  for a long time and so I really connected with her.  I still can't believe it has happened.  My appointment in Newcastle meant I was unable to make her farewell ceremony. From what I hear it was very poignant, special and as she requested.

All I hope now is that she is no longer in pain and that she is up there with all the other special angels.  My heart is with her family and those so very close to her.  Big love to her mum Lynette.  They had such a special bond you could just feel it through words.  I worry about my mum too when I will one day pass away and I can imagine Rachy was the same.  She called her mum  'her rock'.  Another thing that we shared.  Its an indescribable bond between mum and daughter when facing health complications and death.  You know your mum would do anything to keep you alive and never leave your side.  But you both know it is going to happen though you keep hoping each day, each day is another speckle of time together.

For now I am going to leave this blog as I have been reflecting on putting some action into the ideas I had originally set out.

I know that both Rachael and I were keen to make our blogs more info stations then just posts about how we felt and blah blah blah.  Particularly as ILD has little research injected into it compared to CF which has more awareness and support structures in place for patients which is brilliant. I have read some of my posts this year and they have been rather melancholic.  It is of course me being honest, a reflection of what I experience.  At the same time I don't feel the need to share it all blow by blow now I am three years post transplant.  The hitches will be there and in my case increase as time goes by.

Blogging is a brilliant medium and allows for so much networking.  There is no way I would have coped with the highs and the lows without it but I think its time for a revamp and shuffle and for it to serve a different but in a way original purpose.

For now I need time to keep working on my ideas so I can return in 2012 with a fresh approach and look.

Thank you to all my followers and readers! I will be back but with a different layer soon :-)

I'm still contactable via Twitter and Facebook :-)  Love to you all!!

Goodbye and God bless to you Rachael xxxxx
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