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Good cop, bad cop, good versus evil

Posted Apr 05 2010 12:00am
 I was watching a cop show tonight which had me reflecting on life in general. We all see superhero movies where the good guys prevail and the bad guys get their butts whooped. That however isn't real life though is it. In reality victims of crime are shoved through the court system, the criminals have their pasts concealed and the victims credibility is torn to shreds. The cops are covering their mates bum and the victim in the case becomes the bad guy.

The same in the medical system, if a patient is judged on past events they get a lower standard of care because medical staff only see and treat the person as a label. It does happen, its true.
  If you have money you can be awarded better health care, a better quality of life  and they wouldn't dare step out of line and ream out some rich dude, because the rich dude can pay for totally awesome lawyers.

I have never been impressed by wealth or status. To me it doesn't project a good person because they are wealthy/famous/ or deemed superior. Good comes from within and more often then not the good guys get stomped on and the bad guys, well they win.

You would think when someone highlights, the corrupt or crazy members of society whom work in positions of power, that the person responsible for uncovering their heinous crimes that they would be the so called hero of the day. The opposite is true, the bad ones are covered up and protected and suddenly the good guy is the villain.

I always believed if you told the truth and did good deeds, you are a credible person with good values. At the end of the day it doesn't work that way. Those whom do bad want to discredit the good, because they (falsely) want to be 'the good guy'.
Watching this program tonight reminded me how I ended up in a court case against a bad guy, a bad cop, a dirty predatory cop who preyed on women and broke a guys neck Andrew Rae. He was bounced around from cop shop to cop shop, while they tried to build cases against him. In the mean time he preyed on new women in every town he was sent to. I ended his career.

I ended his career by doing the right thing, I was asked(to write a statement) after a private conversation I had with another cop I knew... well she then disclosed our conversation to the higher powers.
Rae used what my ex husband was doing against me multiple court cases ( one being trying to get custody of my daughter) as a threat, he said he was working with him and would have my daughter taken from me, if I didnt comply.
Doing the right thing I made a statement, he was investigated where all the slime and filth came out... he had done the same thing to other women.
He was interviewed for six hours, then later on the cops didn't want to lay charges until he resigned because they didn' want to pay him while the case went to court.

The police also didn't want the bad publicity , as another very high profile case( Louise Nicholas ) against some cops was going on at the same time. He resigned then they smacked him upside the head with the charges. In the papers his lawyer stated he resigned before the charges were laid, making out he was unaware of the investigation. B.S all of it, the same ex cop got support and counseling through it, the victim (mwah) had to go a searching for some support, which I did. In the end a deal was done if I dropped the sex assault charges then he would plead guilty to the physical assaults, I was told I had a 70% chance of winning the case.

I was already emotionally wiped out from years of court cases with my ex husband so I caved and the guy was fined. That was it, he was fined and convicted on all counts, no counseling, no community work, they managed to hide reporters from attending the case. It wasn't until it was over that I realized I had been used, the point of me going to court was to protect other women from this monster, for them to know his name and be made aware of him, I did it to protect other women. To cut  a long story short, the cops managed to still protect their own, have the case hidden, the guy received minimal charges and walked free. I contacted the papers to protect others.. ... Going though this process was used against me later when I needed police assistance on another matter totally unrelated, you could tell who the 'brothers in arms' were.

There is a difference between teenagers who play up a bit and grow up and grown adults who commit heinous crimes, you know the younger ones may grow through their experiences, however these older guys have their personalities well and truly ingrained, he wont change, they wont change.

Now (five years later), because of my experiences another corrupt system then used these experiences that I went through as a victim to deny and embellish  my total lack of medical care with my ex surgeon. The whole thing is that too many people may say "oh she should make a stand", "she needs to fight back", but most people don't want to know, don;t care, hide, put their heads in the sand or outright blame the victim...its easier that way. Then they put down the women or men who cant cope, cant survive, or opt out.

Women like myself aren't believed  half the time because we come across to strong, aren't weak enough or victimized to the point of hopelessness.
Your damned if you do fit the mold of hopelessness then your damned if you don't. I don't regret standing up for the first time in my life against such a vile person, it is behind me now.

It took me a year to lay a complaint against my ex surgeon and even then it was because of what she did to another woman just months after my surgery and I was advised the more people who come forward the stronger the case...not.
Both times I may have not have done these things for myself, but I gained a strength and self belief that I deserve better and don't have to stay a victim forever.
The downside is that I am sickened and disgusted with both government run institutions that are there to protect and be there for the general public.
Actually I have been disgusted in many regards with the lack of regard for human life and well being in general, including the father of my sons whom gets away with practically murder and still expects to be respected and treated as a father when he doesn't show any signs of fathering....damn I forgot he saves up for his 6 weeks holidays in Europe ......rant rant , blah, blah, blah.

 Hey, but that's life...isn't it?

Would you stand up in any of these situations and fight back to survive, or lie down and bury your head in the sand.
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