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Go to Work on an Egg …& Eggschange for Variety - Eggcellent!

Posted Apr 11 2011 12:31pm

They are one of the most nutritious foods that money can buy: a natural source of many nutrients including high quality protein, vitamins and minerals. & now they’re available in all sorts of varieties.

In 1953 eggs ceased to be rationed & 4 years later we were being encouraged to consume them with the ‘Go to work on an egg’ advertising campaign. Our egg consumption peaked at 5 eggs per person in the sixties but then concerns began to be raised about the possibility of harmful effects on our health with dietary cholesterol in eggs being linked directly to an increased risk of heart disease. In 1988 there was a further egg crisis with sales dropping by 60% overnight when Edwina Currie – then Health Minster - warned that most UK egg production was affected by salmonella.

It is now known that it is saturated fat that affects our blood cholesterol levels rather than the dietary cholesterol that we consume, so once again eggs can be eaten as part of a healthy diet. Sales went up by 2.6% in the UK last year, though we tend not to eat as many eggs as other countries

Nowadays not only are eggs popular once more, but there’s an ever growing demand for speciality eggs. Consumers on the lookout for interesting alternatives to the hens egg are buying duck, goose, quail, ostrich eggs & rhea eggs, with turkey eggs available this week on the supermarket shelves for the first time.

According to Waitrose who will be selling the turkey eggs they are the speciality eggs most requested by customers. Up ‘til now they haven’t been available at retail because they lay far fewer eggs than hens & most of these are used for breeding the turkeys we eat at Christmas. Now they will be on sale ‘til the laying season ends in late August at a cost of £1.99 for a pack of 2. Eggspensive as this may seem it’s a bargain compared to the price of rhea eggs which the store will be selling later this month at a cost of £25 each! Eggstravagent!

Selfridges who stock a whole range of speciality eggs will even be selling gull eggs later this month. A buyer from Selfridges said: “We’re also seeing a big spike for quail’s eggs at present – up 20% on this time last year. Goose eggs have only just come into store, but they’re performing about 20% above expectation at the moment.”

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