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Ginobili says it will contract with the SAN Antonio spurs: I still want to play two seasons

Posted Mar 05 2013 1:47am
According to the SAN Antonio media reported that at the end of the season, ginobili contract is about to expire, but make the spurs fans feel gratified, the Argentine says it will continue to play next season. After the end of the season, ginobili current contract is about to expire. As for the future how to choice, manu says Nike Air Max 1 everything is difficult to guarantee, see the specific situation, but he still said, will come back next season. "If you asked me now," manu said, "of course I still want to play two years." Manu fans hope he call again ten years, of course, this is not reality, but at least with Tony parker and Duncan and confirm the two men in the contract expires in the summer of 2015. In other words, if manu call two seasons, that his contract will expire with parker and Duncan and at the same time, at least, GDP combination can also continue two seasons. At present, in the SAN Antonio spurs array, ginobili's salary is the highest. If he still want to contract with the SAN Antonio spurs, it is likely to learn Duncan, and take a pay cut requirements. Meanwhile, manu admits, he has felt the time the old man's existence, before some won't bother him little things, is now give him make trouble. In order to keep the body state, he strengthened the recipe, do more tensile movement. In addition, manu still Nike Air Max i smile says, but he does not like eight years ago so crazy. But in the game against the pistons, experienced a mistake after, manu still crazy ran back to the back, and made an offensive foul opponent. Playing for so many years later, manu still crazy. "I'm like," Stephen - Jackson said, "I would rather with such people together to play, he play very hard, even if will be injured, than the cowardly people strong." So far this season, averaging 23.3 minutes for manu, was averaging 12.4 points, the two data set from his rookie season after the low, but it does not mean manu have no. Yesterday, the clippers and lakers at staples were two war, China's big WangZheLin and parents also appears in the stadium. Previously, he was still in Toyota center field to watch the game, lifting his appreciate most inside players, WangZheLin tell netease sports is the lake's forward pau Nike Air Max 90 gasol. WangZheLin and parents in a week or so to the United States, the first station is Houston, to take part in all kinds of activities in his spare time, he is still in the local time on February 27th night appear in Toyota center, watching the game at home to the bucks. Yesterday, just to Los Angeles in the near WangZheLin and parents appeared in the staples center, after see the clippers at home playing thunder and the lakers played at home to Atlanta. The two games are played very fierce, from noon has been killed late into the night, situation ankylosis, finally the clippers cherish negative thunder, the lakers with Bryant must lay out the eagle. Such a high level of NBA adventurous, also let WangZheLin see more greatly satisfy. Interestingly, in the NBA WangZheLin like most of the big lake National People's Congress is forward pau gasol, it is a pity that pau gasol for foot injury has been a long time, lack of war. A few years ago, WangZheLin in staples site seen the lakers game, now, can once again came to Los Angeles, watching the lakers game, can yet be regarded as is the joy of WangZheLin vacation. Before Cheap Nike Air Max 90 this, in the end WangZheLin Houston visit later, came to Los Angeles, the main goal is to rest tourism. Next, he will also go to Portland launches special practice, in view of the deficiency of the body and technology according to the training. In April, he will come back to participate in national games preliminary.
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