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Getting Your Blood Pressure Tested at Your Local Pharmacy

Posted Aug 23 2010 2:21am

Did you know that a third ofUKadults (that’s 16 million people!) are estimated to suffer from high blood pressure. The problem is that many of them don’t know it because high blood pressure causes no obvious symptoms. However, if left at a high level it can lead to serious heart problems, kidney failure and strokes. With this in mind, it’s important that more adults get their blood pressure checked regularly.


Thankfully, many community pharmacies now offer freeblood pressure checkswithout the need to book an appointment. You can simply pop in during your lunch break, or after work, and find out whether you need to take action to get it reduced.


Theblood pressure checksimply involves attaching an armband which is inflated before the air is slowly released to gauge how well the blood is being pumped through your arteries. The pharmacy staff will then advise you whether you have high blood pressure and recommend lifestyle changes to get it reduced. This can include eating a healthier diet, getting more exercise, stop smoking and reducing your alcohol intake.


If you suffer fromhigh blood pressureit’s recommended you get it checked regularly during the year, whilst all adults should get theirs checked at least once every 5 years.


The Blood Pressure Association (BPA) estimates that 40% of strokes could be avoided if people had regular blood pressure checks. [ So make sure you get down to your local pharmacy and get your blood pressure checked today.




Article contributed by All About Health – a resource of health information and advice that aims to spread awareness on the health services(such as weight management, stopping smoking and cholesterol screening)available in your local pharmacy.

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