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Getting on with it

Posted May 08 2009 11:39pm
Getting back into Uni since having my surgery has been greatly beneficial. It has upped my mood, kept my brain busy(which I thought was dead) allowed me to meet some fantastic new people, and forced me to regain the old person who I was. I had lost my sense of humour and spontaneity over the last couple of years for mixed reasons. I could still have a laugh, just not at myself, I had lost a sense of self confidence.
Now I am laughing again, to the annoyance of some tutors at inappropriate times. I suppose that's what you get when you hang out with outgoing and hilarious 18 year old students. I'm this girl and I feed of each other and act like naughty school girls in class. I'm sure to the surprise of our tutor we aced our assignment. My friend who does the course with me, laughed yesterday and exclaimed "you two are so immature", she said this lovingly while chuckling. She gets involved in our we miss behaviour sessions and secretly loves it, we blame her when we get told off, though the teacher knows its really me and liv being toads.
That's what I like about teens and want to work with them, they have no holds barred, they are brutally honest, and don't have to be all grown up yet. I embrace them being themselves and living it up(in a positive way) as they have a life time of having to play grown ups and this stage is so short and sweet.
I sometimes wonder if that child within me, who wasn't allowed to be a child breaks out occasionally when I am in a school environment.
Studying as an adult is by choice so much more fun. I hated school as child and struggled with being there due to constant family crisis and drama.
I have passed all my assignments, even a distinction thrown in, only one needs touching up which is a language one, and my pronunciation was off. So in spite of all the crud going on I'm getting on with it. Now I face six more assignments lol.
Yesterday I broached he subject of my stoma thingy in our lunch break, we were in hysterics over the rubbish I spewed forth, I can finally say I can laugh at myself again....though I still want the botch up fixed.
Im glad I have gone back to school, its bought me back to life.
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