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Getting Lab Work with No Insurance

Posted Sep 03 2009 10:03pm 1 Comment
Question: How can I order lab tests if I don't have insurance?

In regards to initiating your own blood tests, you can walk into a pre-employment or non-emergent clinic, and pay the doctor to order it for you. You have to pay for the labs themselves, and the doctor visits, it will come to around $200-$300 for both I believe.

Try should be one around you somewhere. Or any clinic that does pre-employment screenings, immunizations and drug tests. They are generally not as busy as 'regular' medical clinics and they have an in house physician, PA or NP that can order the labs for you. Then you take the slip to the laboratory and have it drawn, and you will have your results either called in or mailed to you. You have to pay for everything up front though...and depending on what you order, it can get pretty pricey. I've done this only was $75 to see the doc and the labs I wanted were $135. Ask about the prices before you commit and make an appointment before you go so you aren't waiting for too long.

Great question!

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