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get to know my toes

Posted by Jill F.

After one week, I have accomplished my goal. I'll continue with my 10 min per day (at least 5 d/wk) goal this week.

Favorite stretch so far: Modified Lunge- Lunge position but with the toes of the front foot at a 45 degree angle. Then sink into the lunge. It really gets into the hip flexors.

Biggest Barrier- when my day goes different than expected and my plan is out the window. It is easy to reprioritize the stretching out of my day.

How to overcome my barrier: Think to myself...if I get nothing else done today, I'm going to find 10 minutes for myself.

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If you like the lunge, look up a yoga pigeon. You'll love it. Same body mechanics, but you're on the floor and your upper body rests over your bent leg.
Good for you for sticking with your goal of taking care of yourself even in the midst of a busy day. Starting with a simple, small or short-length goal is often the key to reaching a larger goal. Continued success!
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