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Posted by Michaela J. Facebook

Suffering and the doctors don't know what's wrong with me. I was diagnoised with Gerd 2 years ago, but I never knew how seriously painful it could be i thought if i ate to much or had spicey food I needed to take my Zantac, but otherwise i didnt take it, I gave birth to much son two year's and had a horrible time the day after my neck and throat felt swollen and the doctors thought i may have been a allergic to some medicaines, and because they could not physically see anything wrong with scan and testing and blood work I was diagnoised with post postpartum depressing. Although one of the 20 Doctor's i saw in a month's period prescribed me Omeprazole and if i remember well that is what helped , but I took so many different med's im not sure, i cant sleep because at night it feels like someone is choking me, neck stiffness and chest pain are at time unbareable Burping and hiccupes more often than not. I need relief can anyone help?
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