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Gelatin and Sleep

Posted Oct 02 2010 12:00am

I found that pork belly improved my sleep . Pork belly is mainly fat, but is it as simple as that (pork fat improves sleep)? Thomas Seay brought to my attention claims about gelatin by Ray Peat . One was that it improved his sleep:

For years I hadn’t slept through a whole night without waking, and I was in the habit of having some juice or a little thyroid to help me go back to sleep. The first time I had several grams of [commercial] gelatin just before bedtime, I slept without interruption for about 9 hours.

Seay tried gelatin himself and found it improved his sleep. I asked him about this.

What do you do?

I take Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin.  I take about 5 or 6 tablespoons a day (2 tablespoons per meal) usually in hot water. So, that amounts to about 35-42 grams/day. You can also put it in juice or make an aspic with it.  Another person I know who takes it only needs to take two tablespoons a day, just prior to sleep.

What effect has it had?

It helps me to sleep more hours uninterrupted. This did not require a build-up over weeks. It happened the first time I took it.

You sound like you’ve stopped taking it. How long did you take it? Why did you stop?

I have taken it off and on. (Usually I would take it one week on, one week off). I have noticed that after a few days it causes constipation FOR ME.  Another person I know who has tried it has not noticed this effect. Presently I am experimenting with segmented sleep (getting up for an hour or two in the night and then returning to sleep), so I have stopped taking any sort of supplement, including the gelatin.  Prior to this, I had done the gelatin for about 4 months.

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