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Gas Station Rants--Not About Gas Prices

Posted Jan 18 2009 1:23am
No this isn't about gas prices. At the risk of sounding like a stuffy old middle aged man (which I don't think I am just quite yet) I have noticed this trend that increasingly irks me.

Here's the scene. I'm getting gas in our small town and at the island next to me is a teenage girl that has pulled in and she gets out of her car and starts to pump her gas. No problem. Sitting next to her, however, is her apparent boyfriend in the passenger seat with a baseball cap and his sweatshirt hood pulled over that. He makes absolutely no attempt to get out the car to help his girlfriend in any way, shape, or form.

If this guy can't even have the where with all to have a car to drive her around, why can't he pay for her to fill her car up, or, at very least, let her sit inside the car while he fills the tank?

Am I being too old fashioned here?

The Country Doc
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