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Gain Weight: Do You Need To?

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:14pm

The big question for many women and men is: do I need to gain weight? There are many things that can affect our overall health. Studies show that people who have a normal and healthy body weight live the longest and seem to have the best health. People who are under weight, just as people who are over weight, could be putting their health and enjoyment of life at risk. So specifically what is wrong with being under weight? Perhaps one of the biggest problems with being under weight is having weak bones. Research shows that people who are under weight have bones that aren’t as strong as they should, and could, be.

Many people who are under weight are healthy and fit and simply have a body type that is slender and slight. This often means, however, that their bones aren’t strong and this can lead to health problems. Women who are under weight may experience irregular menstrual cycles as well as problems with infertility. And when under weight people become ill they don’t have as many “reserves”, such as body fat, to fall back on.

If you are under weight due to recent weight loss that was unintentional you might be feeling tired and lethargic. Check with your doctor to see if there is a health issue that caused your weight loss. If you make a conscious effort to restrict and control how much you eat you might have an eating disorder. Again, your doctor can talk to you about what a healthy weight is about and can help you find help with your eating disorder.

Healthy people who are slender generally are in balance with their bodies and what they eat. Your normal weight is determined by your body type and by the genes that you have inherited from your parents. If you and your doctor determine that you are under weight and need to gain weight you’ll have to alter the way you eat. Make sure that you plan a well balanced diet that is high in proteins and carbohydrates while at the same time is low in fat. You want the weight that you can to be in the form of muscle rather than fat. Fat gain leads to an unhealthy body with just as many health risks as when you are under weight.

One of the last things that you should look at before you decide that you want to gain weight is how you happy you are with your body image. What are the reasons that you want to gain weight? Make sure that you gain weight for the right reasons. You may be a bit under weight and just want to gain weight to improve your body image. The big question is whether an improvement in your body image is going to make you any happier.

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