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fungus infections in humans Penicillium Cladosporium Alternaria is there treatment?

Posted by sickandtired

I just got  mold test results back from pro labs and they indicate Penicillium Cladosporium Alternaria  on my results. The samples I sent to pro labs were from my body. Some strange particles like granules and such were coming out of my skin, eyes, nose and ears. Thing is, the Dr I went to told me I need a psych eval if I believe I have fungus in my body. I am so very ill. I can barely walk and function. I am really sick. I don't know where to trun. I have called about 10 Dr.'s and no one will treat me besides giving me allegra. HELP...I need some info please.
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i have been looking all over for the answer!!!

i found one! you have some idea of how thrilled I am to have found an answer to your question after 6plus mounths of torture.

my first answer is not as good, but here it is. numberous 10-20%bleach solution soaks for the affected outside body part. wont help anything else, and i havent had that be more than a control not a cure. But i continued to search cause my Dr was a jerkoff too. wasted alot of my time. and patience.

but here is the solution. hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment. i am soo thrilled. I am going to harrass my doctor Monday morning first thing.

look it up "hyperbaric oxygen treatment for fungus"

Best of luck to you. A little pricey, but worth every penny to me!

GO TO AN INFECTIOUS DISEASE SPECIALIST.  Luckily my family doctor took skin samples for fungal testing following a year of being treated & self treating for other things.  I am growing Alternaria in my skin also & it is a FACT!  He referred me to an infectious disease specialist who reviewed my results & PROMPTLY put me on VORICONIZOLE which is a pretty heavy duty (& costly) antifungal.  I got lucky, mine is a Work Comp claim.  Don't stop trying to get someone to listen...try these two places on the web for info & phone #'s for help.  The National Mold Resource Center  (not sure of web address) and  YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. 

25% vinegar 75% water soak 10-15 min - pat dry

Saprox mud coat on skin 10-15 min then rinse off and pat dry

then apply a light natural moisturizer to site.

if you feel the need to do this more than 1 time per day then only sometimes should you do this 2 times per day.

do not over dry your skin.

wash the sheets and towels and clothes ect.

the vinegar is a good natural antifungal. it will burn some when it is working.

keep this up well past when you think you are done. more than a week after.

good luck to you.  this is a good effective fungus treatment and cheap.

you can buy Saprox on Ebay.

it is a sulfuric mud treatment.

You have the fungus alternaria, probably candida Albicans and others in your blood. Usually it is being sustained by your high sugar, high carb diet. You need live probiotics and a fusgus fighter called Caprylic Acid...I take 1 live probiotic (must be kept in refrigerator type - Thorne makes mine) 3 x a day one before each meal on an empty stomach. I also take 3 "Mycopryl 400" time released capsules (mine are by Neesby which is the capylic Acid.    I, too, went to at least a dozen doctors, derms, OD, GP, none of them knew what was causing my itch and rash. Turned out after many years or searching and itching I figured it out on the internet, went to a Naturpath, he said "NO is isn't" so I found a blood test for $40 to test the fungi in my blood stream. Call it Candida, call it fungi, call it whatever you want.  The simple simple blood test from in Phoenix (about $40) and figured it out myself.   It will take about 3 months, maybe longer) to get it out of your blood, but you'll begin to feel better in a few weeks. Try a Naturpatic Doctor - if you don't like what he says, go to aanother, I did.  Try search "breast fungus" which is how I really got the best info or Candida Albicans -  read up on it on the internet. The best book is "The Candida Cure" which tells you the entire protocol and diet. I don't use all the supplements she recommends, just the two I mentioned and am about to add oregano to the mixure which a chiropracter recommened.  Good Luck

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