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Frustrated by “tests”

Posted Jul 31 2010 12:00am

It is quite frequent that a patient may have a set of symptoms in which they already went to the hospital or medical doctor for.  The part that always baffles me is how they run their numerous “tests” only to find nothing.  They order X-rays, MRIs, CTs, blood tests, special blood tests, urinalysis, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, and when the get all done they tell you that everything is ok.

So why is there a disconnect between symptoms and “tests”.  Well, “tests” are designed to find disease.  I feel many of the “tests” in this country are run out of fear.  Defensive medicine is what it is called.  Because there is a fear of getting sued.  But also I think there is a growing ignorance in the medically community as a whole, chiropractors included.  The reason for this is the amount of medications, poor food choices, enzyme deficient food, and lack of exercise are causing symptoms and conditions never before seen or heard of.

But I think we, doctors as a whole, are looking for the wrong thing.  Is it possible that everyone is looking for disease instead of a disruption of normal body processes?  To state it another way, a deviation from normal?  How would a deviation from normal show up on medically run “tests”.  Simple, they would not show up.  Why?  Because deviations from normal is not a disease, but rather a compensation by the body leading to symptoms and the first sign the body is in trouble.

How could that be found?  Well, looking for not only the structural component, or how your bones are lined u, but the visceral (your organs) component as well.  If the 5th thoracic nerve goes to the stomach and can cause symptoms like acid reflux, indigestion, fullness, etc, couldn’t the reverse be true?  Couldn’t you eat something that causes indigestion and concurrently a problem with your 5th thoracic nerve?  Yes!  It is called a visceral-somatic reflex.

Now if this is true in the middle of the back, what about the lower back and the neck?  hmmmm…..I think we have something to discuss this week!

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