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friday night lights

Posted Oct 07 2008 7:17pm


You've probably gathered that I seek the wild, outdoor, healthy, cooperative family atmosphere whenever possible. And at the same time, it is so important to integrate into your home culture, wherever that home may be. So when Papa S suggested the local high school football game as our Friday evening activity, I smiled and went right along.

Isaiah has become enamored with the high school boys walking to and from practice in their tight, dirty uniforms and helmets. (I try not to look) It's about football right now, and he knows he has a legacy in his father, grandfather, and uncle.

The sight we saw as walked to the stadium at start time didn't bode well for the experience. At the end of "The Star-Spangled Banner," we watched about 100 black balloons fill the sky and float to oceans, rivers, fields, and streams everywhere. Hey, ducks and birds and fish and dolphins. . . if you're reading this blog, Resist temptation! It's not food! Could this still happen at a football game anywhere on the West coast? I have a new sense of the meaning of consciousness now. I felt the way I did the other night on the highway coming back from the farm where we passed a glassed-in brightly-lit and crowded CAFO at 9 at night.

Fortunately, things improved when we got settled for our under the lights experience in the stands. Especially for me, because I had the great good sense to bring along this project. More on this project soon, hopefully with Miel "jumping" around in it, never wanting to take it off because she loves it so much.  I hope this helps remind you that so few of us have "time" to craft, but if we always have it with us, there are moments, so many moments, when hands are free and ready to work.

And the game? Well it was homecoming, there was a huge marching band who did a medley from West Side Story (with the homecoming queen conducting from high atop a ladder), and the visiting team creamed the home Rockets. But the bonus, well...unable to find a place perch in the black-clad hormonal sea of the home side, we ended up on the visitor side, where the Rockettes dance team strode onto the field and took their starting pose for about 3 minutes while they awaited their music. (I wasn't the only one snapping a camera.)



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