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Freedom now equals freedom on down-the-road

Posted Jul 04 2011 11:09pm


Are you free from food addiction?

Are you free from hypertension medications and insulin?

Are you free from bypass surgery lurking around the corner?

Are you free from obesity and its accompanying diseases, aches and pains?

Are you free from the financial burdens of lost wages and expensive medical bills?

Eating a bowl of mixed greens & beans drizzled with a delicious nut-based dressing instead of a couple slices of pizza and can of soda may seem like a radical lifestyle change, but it really is a simple and cost effective solution to a very complicated problem; that being the loss of independence.  

After the astronomical bills arrive in the mail who is going to pay them?

After the stroke who is going to tie the bib, feed, bathe, and even possibly change the diaper?

After degenerative disc disease has robbed mobility and peace, who is going to shop and prepare meals and soothe sleepless nights?

Paying the price today to be free from food addiction and accompanying diseases means enjoying the benefits of freedom on down-the-road.

I don’t know about you, but I want to climb sand dunes and watch sunsets shimmer on water, and produce my best creative works ever in my latter years. I want to laugh and play with my grandchildren and their children. I want to gracefully grow old; not rot in the prison of disease.     

This Fourth of July, along with the festivities, fireworks, and parades; one of the best ways that we can honor those who have sacrificed their lives for our nation’s freedom is to commit or recommit to paying the price for our own personal freedoms! 

Freedom now equals freedom on down-the-road. 

Take it.

It’s yours to enjoy!

Happy Fourth of July!


image credit:  flickr by uhuru1701

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