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Free Online Medical Diagnosis by Symptoms

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:17am 20 Comments

Free Online Medical Diagnosis by Symptoms
" The important thing to remember, is that understanding the underlying cause of your symptoms may be crucial. Education of patients about their symptoms improves the chance of obtaining the right diagnosis and obtaining prompt and correct treatment." This site allows you to make a short list of the possible diagnoses based on your symptoms. This can help you to help your doctor !

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I am a 25 year old female, Pretty healthy I do have an inflamed bicep tendon in my right arm. I recently within the last 8 days have starting having pain and discomfort in many areas. My left ankle, both knees, both hips, lower back, right side ribs, both wrists, both elbows, both shoulders, and right side neck. I also have been having nausea and headaches, which can be attributed to the pain I think. I see what looks like ameobas in my eyes all the time( as if you were looking into a microscope) and I have developed a black spot in my right eye. My doctor has run some blood tests including: HIV, Clamydia, Mono, Arthritis, and thyroid and she says that all of those tests came back negative. If anyone can help please do I cannot take the pain anymore.
i am a 19 yeah old girl i have been developing rashes that at the moment are on my feet they are swollen red and itch and burn at the same time i have applied cortizone to the effected areas and the red just spread to more of my foot. I have been wearing my tennis shoes when i leave my house or work mostly other wise i am in my room bare foot. Majorily when i take my shoes off i leave on my socks and even when i sleep depending on the weather.over the last two days i have washed and tried to avoid any contact with the effected area as much as possible and only wear shoes when absolutley nesscesary and apply cortizone ever 20-30 minutes. The itching as i said has only gotten worse and seems the redness is spreading not the swelling. is there anything i can get over the counter and if you have a diagnosis for this please tell me. I would like to get it fixed and not have to worry about it coming back. I have had the problem twice before the first time it was all over my limbs last time only on my arms and this time is only really affecting anything at or below my ankles.
i have now taken an allegy med called claritin to see if it would help or not i hope to find it has helped and if not something that will sonn nay suggestions do let me know.
Ok so I'm an 18 year old female. Slightly overweight but other than that I'm pretty healthy. For quite a while I've had quite bad mood swings and it's getting worst, I go through times of extreme joy and can feel hyper and full of energy after only a couple of hours sleep. I can also be very irritable and have trouble controlling my temper and go through periods of low self-esteem and general depression. I cannot get out of bed in the mornings and as a result I've started failing in my college work and don't have the motivation to do anything about it. I also suffer from heavy, irregular periods, nose-bleeds, lathargy, headaches, elevated blood pressure, muscle spasms and cramps. Please, can someone help tell me if there's anything wrong with me?
mild bipolar though you may need to see a therapist and the periods can be regulated and lightened through means of birthcontrol. THe syptoms also may indicate a slight iron defrficientcy and the best way to fix is too add a multi vitamin and an iron pill. talk to your doctor about all these suggestions and see if he recomends anything first.


Every few months I get severe cramping and vomitting due to pms. Usually it goes away after a few hours. However, after last night's bout my stomach feels all twisted and constricted and random cramps in my side,chest and staomach are appearing. I also cannot seem to swallow food, getiing it down is a struggle. What should I do?

I am 19 and for quite some years now since 5th grade to be exact I have had a discharge and I have heard someone called it Mucus but I really dont know why I have it. I have never had sex and I really want to know if there is a way that I can address this problem ASAP I have dealt with it for to long!
Hi, I am a 45 year happily married lady. Recently, I have developed nose bleeds after blowing my nose, and then feeling light headed.
Hi I am a 29 year married lady. i have a problem with my breath. sometimes when i loose time and forget to do excersize, my breath becomes a bit fishy (smells like i just swallowed 1 can of fish). why is this?
i am in pain ! i was doing some heavy work whilst gardening 2 days ago and felt a pop in my back . the pain is in my lower back in the middle and i also have pain shooting down my left leg. I am unable to sleep as any sudden movement hurts! anyone any idea what this could be? i have taken pain killers and anti inflamitories and it has not done anything x jackie x
i have been expiriencing abdominal pain( kind of like spasms), mostly on my left side for quite a while now. i was hospitalized with it last december because it was causeing diarrhea and vomiting and also my whole body swelled up with hives from head to toe. while in the hospital they did an xray, ultrasond and blood work. the doctor could not find an explination for it. they prescribed me buscopan which helps only sometimes and not for long. recently i went to see two different dr's about it and they have been trying to tell me it is acid reflux, which i 100% disagree with because i know i have have acid reflux and thats not what it feels like plus medications like prevacid and nexium do not help with the pain at all. i am out of ideas and would really like to know what is wrong with me , if anyone has ideas pls let me know!!
I having been getting extremely painful muscular contractions over my entire back & the contractions are so strong that they pull my arms back. Right now my lower back is involved & I have a  temperature of 100.4 since last wednesday. Also all my joints are hurting. ( I do have O A ) I am sleeping a lot & noving around it extremely painful. Doesanybody have any clue ? TY

I am 40, and for past week, i have been suffering pain around my back, by where my kidneys are?? And am weeing LOADS. Could i have infection?

My name is Aaron, I'm 20 years old, as far back as I can remember, I've experienced extreme feelings of euphoria for about 30 seconds right before I'm about to fall asleep. It makes me feel..happy, perfect, fearless, energetic, can even cause a massive mood swing during that 30 seconds, taking me from depression to feeling extremely happy. I go through most of my life feeling depression every day, and the only time I feel any glimpse of happyness is whenever that euphoric feeling shows up..Nobody has ever been able to explain it to me..I really wish I had an answer..if anyone at all can explain this, email me at I'm willing to give more information about it later if needed.
i am a 21yr old male, five feet nine inches tall, weight of 150 lbs and i currently ocasionaly have a clear penile discharge, i have noticed an itching sensation sometimes, and having problems urinating, i have been tested for chlaymedia and gono. and it came back negative. i have been on antibiotics for a while now, the past month, and nothing seems to be working. i also have a soreness in my urethera.  I am just wondering what could be the cause of this.

My name is Crystal i have been feeling sick for a while now an i dont understand y docs have told me they think its gastritis.....but are my  symptoms...

pain during sex - very lightneadness - bloating - stomach pains - sometimes hurt during bowel movement - tenderbreat leaks sometimes i get pains in ma upper right sorder it fels like something it moving in my stomach not like a baby but i cant explain i have 2 kids i knoe that feeling but could you plz help me

i knoe for a fact im not pregenet so i dont knoe it scares me



these past few days my boobs have got bigger, my boyfriend has noticed changes in my moods and it hurts inside when we have sex my last period was about 3 weeks ago. could i be pregnant?
Hi, I am a36 year old female, non smoker with mild atrial fibulation. For the past 3 weeks I have been having terrible headaches and migraines, no sleep, dizziness and this may sound strange but sometimes I get a "fuzzy" sensation in my head, and sometimes the headache is worse when i lie down. sounds weird I know...anyone got any ideas?

I am a 21 year old girl and was recently in a fight with another girl. It was in defense of my friend whom had been attacked by this girl and at the time I was under the influence of alcohol. As I went to hit her, she fell backwards which made me hit the fence behind her before I hit her. My hand was badly bruised and I have damaged it before by punching something, but before I fractured the third and last bones of my right hand, this time I knew nothing was broken as I could move the fingers and such. But my knuckles are slightly painful, my index and middle finger knuckles to be exact, there is a lump that feels like bone next to the knuckle of my middle finger. I don't know what to do and haven't gone to a doctor but I am worried I may have knocked one of the knuckles out of place? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. 
There is a free online website that matches symptoms with diseases: Me and some friends and family members use it.  
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