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"Frankenfoods" at Kellogg

Posted Sep 14 2008 6:07pm

Amazing! Kellogg's announces use of a new "genetically modified soybean oil" made by Monsanto Chemical Co. to replace the trans fats (hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated oils) they have been using for decades in products like Cheez-Its and Pop Tarts.

Great, lets replace one really bad thing with another really bad thing but make everyone think it isn't bad at all! Here is an incredible statement by some doctor supporting this brilliant move:

Dr. Blumberg said a genetically modified soybean oil is an "interesting choice," because the United States does not require genetically modified ingredients to appear on food labels, whereas Europe does. Europeans, more so than Americans, have questioned the safety of genetically modified foods, with some critics dubbing them "Frankenfoods."

"If you don't know it's in there, you're obviously not going to be concerned," Dr. Blumberg said.

Yep doc, you are right, if we don't know this crap is in there we are not going to be concerned.

Can you believe they included this statement in their press release? They really do think we are idiots! I am sure Kellog's products like Cheez-Its and Pop Tarts will continue to sell well though; and continue to contribute to the sickening of America.

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