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Fortnightly access now means a plane trip.

Posted May 08 2009 11:39pm

I had succeeded in finally relaxing her to get her beautiful smile, then she walks to enter the plane, the final pic, I held back my tears...until the doors closed behind her.

Today was the beginning of fortnightly trips for Hebah to see her dad who lives up in the North Island now. he explained the simplicity of her being an unaccompanied minor. I take her to the desk, check in, and a nice Air New-Zealand lady will sit with her until departure......Not...anything but easy.
Firstly I had been anxious about it, she had been also. I was told at check in "No you have to stay with child until departure. O.K we rush back to car to move it from the 20 minute parking spot to the $4.00 and hour parking area. Then we wait for half an hour for the flight.

Hebah starts to get very anxious and weepy. I'm glad I can console her. Shes weepy because she has seen the smallish plane(she likes international sized planes) and tells me shes not getting on it, why? "because mummy, its really small, it may crash, and there is something wrong with it". I think to myself while trying to reassure her * I'm my head, thank you hun for voicing all my fears, shite*, So I reassure until the nice lady at the desk makes a bee line for us way down the back.
The woman approaches to tell us, that our flight is now delayed for an hour, because the plane has mechanical faults and is going to be repaired.
My daughter looks horrified, until my phone which is usually silent rings. It has an appalling ring tone that I cant repeat, which the whole section can hear. She laughs, and is happy she is now going on a different plane.
So its back to another check in, retrieves her luggage, and we wait anxiously float to the next destination point. The alarms went off as I went through security, belt off.
I walked off wondering if they were trying to work out my catheter stuff in my bag that went through xray. Hebah giggled saying it would have been funnier if your stoma was metal, I shuddered at the thought of stripping off...
We wait for ages for the next flight.
I cheer her up by taking goofy photo's.
We have been now at the airport for two hours.
We finally get called up to board (that plane was late also) when I am asked to sit behind the counter with my girl until everyone is on board. "oh and do you know you cant leave the airport until after the plane has departed, in case the plane is recalled or something", oh my god this is torturous, not because I'm uncaring, but because it was painful enough watching her get on the plane. It also made her more anxious, and the tears started, I tried the picture thing again.

It didn't work this time. I hugged her, loved her and watched her go through the doors, showing her 'hey I'm o.K your O.K', as soon as the doors closed the tears fell, I wanted to yank her back to me, but she is growing up.
A lovely cleaning lady chatted to me as we stood alone for another half an hour watching the plane take off into the night, and I left three hours after we had arrived....Hoping next time will be easier,She called me when she arrived to my relief, she was fine.
Love you baby girl, see you Sunday xoxoxo.

P.S My daughter, younger son and I share the same insightful gift, or curse as sometimes I see it. It is usually spot on. So when my daughter said what she did, I believed her.
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