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Fooling "Mother Nature"

Posted Sep 14 2008 6:11pm

I don't even like to say "Mother Nature." But since it is such a commonly used term, I decided to entitle my post this way. I don't like the term because it implies an Intelligent Designer behind creation, but identifies that Designer as some sort of mythological goddess...Gaia or whatever. I don't happen to believe in Gaia so it naturally grates on me. But I digress...

I was reading this article from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School that researched why drugs like Vioxx and Celebrex actually CAUSE heart attacks and strokes. I am always interested in the underlying reason why something happens. The U of P research team showed that these drugs inhibit something that the body is designed to do, which they believe inadvertently causes deaths.

Personally, I am always concerned about any drug that inhibits something that the body was DESIGNED TO DO! As much as has been learned by modern medicine, are we being arrogant in thinking that we know everything, and we can therefore stop the body from doing what it was designed to do -- without ANY repercussions?

Statin drugs interfere with the liver's ability to make cholesterol, and thus lower cholesterol, the supposed public enemy #1 for heart disease. (Not surprising to readers of this blog, this theory has been contended.)

The real questions should be, why does the body make cholesterol? And what is the cost of lowering it through artificial means?

Cholesterol is actually a very important chemical in the body. All hormones are produced using cholesterol. And cholesterol transports oil-soluble vitamins like A, E, and D to every cell in the body. These must be the reasons why the liver manufactures cholesterol so abundantly!

Researchers are discovering that heart failure results from a chain of events. Often stemming from chronic infection, the arteries become inflamed and damaged, and the body attempts to repair itself utilizing calcium and cholesterol, or “plaque.” If the blood vessels are inflamed, a build-up of calcium and cholesterol may occur. But these aren't the underlying causes of heart disease; they are just trying to fix the problem!

Statins are toxic to the liver and are not nearly as safe as pharmaceutical companies would like for you to believe! Most importantly, in the process of it's stopping the liver from doing what it is supposed to do, statins deplete the body of one of the most most important chemicals - CoQ10!

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant and vitamin-like substance made by the body itself. Many doctors prescribe CoQ10 to heart patients because it is critical for the functioning of the heart!

Lets get this straight. Statins are supposed to prevent heart disease by lowering cholesterol. But these same statins deplete CoQ10, a substance the body makes to keep the heart healthy!

Another perfect example of this are the acid-blocking drugs that prevent the body from making hydrochloric acid in the stomach. They stop heartburn for sure, but why does the body make HCl in the first place? Is heartburn design mistake that requires a "human fix?"

HCl is the first step in digestion and very critical to the overall digestion process. Stop it, and you get temporary relief. BUT, you set yourself up for potentially severe problems later on ( Leaky Gut Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, etc.) simply because you stopped the body from doing what it was designed to do.

I contend that most of the time, when you prevent the body from doing what it is designed to do, you run great risks.

I make the same point in my book, Wellness Piece by Piece. It is far better to figure out why you are sick than to simply attempt to cover up the symptoms with drugs. I believe that there are cases when drugs are useful as a "crutch" of sorts. But you HAVE to attempt to uncover the real cause when you are battling chronic health conditions!

Unfortunately for us, most doctors don't have time to do this today. They only have time to cover over the symptoms! They apply acute medicine techniques to chronic health problems.

And most insurance companies/programs don't cover chronic care either. ( Need help finding a good doctor? )

I believe that if the body is not doing something it is supposed to do (or doing something it is NOT supposed to do), it usually comes down to one of two reasons, or both.

Reason 1: The body is lacking some sort of natural nutrient that it REQUIRES!

Reason 2: The body is unable to get rid of some toxic substance that is preventing/blocking it from doing what it is designed to do.

If you can answer those two questions, you'll be well on your way to conquering your own chronic conditions!

Otherwise, we need to be VERY CAREFUL in our attempts to fool "Mother Nature!"

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