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Foods that clear up acne

Posted by Nirmala N.

Every now and then, I find myself suffering from a post-adolescent breakout. I don't care what the experts say--I've definitely found that what I'm eating affects what my skin looks like, since I tend to have inflammatory reactions to certain foods. Does anyone know what kinds of food I can eat that specifically work to clear up acne and nip overactive sebaceous glands in the bud?
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Water, water, water. Water flushes your system and is the best thing for healthy skin.
Steam room. I'm not sure about food, but sitting in the steam room at your gym (or home if your lucky enough) will clear up your skin... it acts as a full body facial.
Foods to stay away from during a "breakout". I've found that eating larger amounts cheese and greasy foods that usual can cause, or worsen, acne breakouts that I have. I've heard the same thing you have-that the experts say food has nothing to do with it. But I'll agree with you, it affects me. I wonder, too, if touching greasy food and inadvertantly touching your face is causing me such trouble.
Wash your hands!. Your hands have so much to do with your acne. I have pretty healthy skin but I have a breakout every once in a while as well. The main times are when my finger nails get long, when my hair gets long, sitting a long time, or eating unhealthy. The one thing that all of these have in common are your hands dirtiness and activity level. Here's the reason in each. Finger Nails- Dirt gets under your finger nails and when you touch your face it transfers. Long Hair- I have a habit of brushing through my hair, which holds many different greases and touch my face. Sitting a Long Time- When you're bored or sitting a long time (work, doctors, road trip) you tend to touch and play with your face and transfer dirt. Eating Unhealthy- Greasy food, cheese, finger foods, all get your hands really dirty then you touch your face. And/or the grease gets on your face. Ewww. Acne Sucks, just remember to keep your hands clean and stay away from your face.
High Alkaline Diet. Robert O. Young's diet and research indicate that high alkaline foods keep the skin looking pretty darn nice. This means doing clever things like juicing a lemon into water and drinking it down. Or, drink a shot of wheat grass -- fresh. Powder greens are the next best thing -- little in a glass of water and gulp it down. My chiropractor tells me acne or pimple here and there is a liver thing. I sometimes think it is a hormone thing.

There is a great study written by a doctor in the 1930's on Vitamin D and acne. He began supplementing his most difficult cases with 5000-10,000 IU's per day and found it to work so well that he eventually used it as a stand alone therapy in most cases.

While these seem like high doses, there have been NO DOCUMENTED TOXICITIES from doses of 10,000 IU's per day or less.

Having said that, if you embark on this method for treating your acne, it would be wise to get a Vitamin D level known as a 25 (OH) D test, every few months just to monitor your blood levels.

And you might find a lot of other benefits from Vitamin D if you care to read the literature or the Vitamin D section of my website.

 Kerri Knox, RN

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Nirmala, just avoid the oily and junk food, drink plenty of water, eat lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and if possible do regular yoga.
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