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Foods for Auto-Immune Diseases

Posted Nov 18 2010 12:00am

Hi there everyone.

While just doing a bit of research I came across this list posted on the blog ( or Website? It’s so hard to figure that out anymore ) Perfect Health Tips a list of Foods for auto-immune diseases, which I am sharing below with everyone…just in case you have not seen this list.

Protein * Wild Alaskan Salmon (Sockeye is the safest and best source)
North Atlantic Mackerel
Light Tuna
*High Omega-3 Eggs (350mg O-3)
Omega-3 Eggs
Almond Butter
* Walnuts
* Hazelnuts
Grains, herbs, vegetables & fruits * Green Tea (over 50 anti-inflammatory components – and may protect against auto-immune diseases) – available in decaf. (look for organic & naturally decaffeinated) (drink 2 hours away from taking or eating Omega-3’s, as green tea stops fat absorption – so if you consume any bad fats, drink green tea with them)

* Fresh Ground flaxseed (I grind mine with a cheapo coffee grinder)
+ Flaxseed Oil
* Sesame Seeds
* Buckwheat
* Oats
Whole Grains
* + Garlic
* Spinach
* Kale
* Broccoli Sprouts (if purchased, wash well and cook – or grow your own to avoid possible contamination of bacteria) (or skip this food, there are so many others to choose from)
* Broccoli
* Cauliflower
* Cabbage
* Brussels Sprouts
* Bok Choy

Now, there is actually more to this list.

If you decide to go to the site you will see more things such as supplements and other information relevant to this subject matter, but of course I have another purpose for having this list here….and I’ll talk about that in another post coming up sometime this weekend.


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